The History of Air Jordan

If you are a fan of basketball, one thing is for sure; you are also a fan of shoes. Our modern world already introduced hundreds of shoe-brands in different parts of the globe. All of these brands fit to our taste, needs, as well as social status. Interestingly, when it comes to basketball, there is one brand that holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts; it is no other than the “Air Jordan.”  Its worn by many from the shortest NBA players to the tallest Euro players.

What is the Air Jordan?

For those who are a fan of basketball, Air Jordan is not just any typical shoe. It is a stylish, casual, and highly athletic footwear designed to meet the demands of basketball. With this said, any shoe collector would know how precious is a pair of “Jordans.”

The Air Jordan is an American brand of basketball shoes produced by Nike. From the name itself, it was designed and created in honor of the Hall of Fame basketball star and six-time NBA Finals MVP: Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan is not like any other basketball shoes; many people see it as a more stylish footwear to use on the hardcourt, while others regard it as a fancy collectible item.

History of the Air Jordan

Today, we see the Air Jordan as one of the most successful shoe brands in the market with Michael Jordan earning more than a billion dollars just from the brand itself. However, this shoe brand was not originally opened for the public market; the original Air Jordan sneakers were custom-built for Michael Jordan in 1984. It was exclusively designed and produced by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore for the NBA star. A year later, the sneakers brand was then released to the public, which started its decade-long journey in the industry.

The creation of the Air Jordan made a significant impact in the game, as well as in the industry, making it an iconic footwear for many fans. Ever since its early existence, the brand gives an incredible feeling of excitement to the fans and the media, especially whenever a new product is going to be released.

List of Air Jordan Shoes

From the first ever Air Jordan worn by Michael Jordan, up to the colorful and more athletic style present in our modern world, it is no doubt that this brand of sneakers evolved to be dominant over its competitors. Each pair of the Air Jordan is sure to give fans an awesome feeling – satisfying their style and game. Here is a list of Air Jordan shoes:

  • Air Jordan – 1984 by Peter C. Moore
  • Air Jordan II – 1986 by Peter C. Moore and Bruce Kilgore
  • Air Jordan III – 1988 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan IV – 1989 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan V – 1990 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan VI – 1991 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan VII – 1992 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan VIII – 1992 – 1993
  • Air Jordan IX –  November 1993
  • Air Jordan X – released in 1994 in various colors
  • Air Jordan XI – 1995 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan XII – 1996 – 1996 inspired by Nisshoki
  • Air Jordan XIII – 1997 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan XIV – 1997 – 1999 inspired by the Ferrari 550 M
  • Air Jordan XV – 1999 – 2000 inspired by aircraft prototype X-15
  • Air Jordan XVI – 2001 by Nike’s Senior Footwear Designer Wilson Smith
  • Air Jordan XVII – 2001 – 2003
  • Air Jordan XVIII – 2003 by Air Jordan Senior Footwear Designer Tate Kuerbis – it is one of the most significant Jordan sneakers, mainly because Michael Jordan wore them during his last season.
  • Air Jordan XIX – 2004 inspired by the black mamba snake
  • Air Jordan XX – inspired by bicycle shoes
  • Air Jordan XX1 – 2006 by D’Wayne Edwards
  • Air Jordan XX2 – 2007 by D’Wayne Edwards
  • Air Jordan XX3 – 2008 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan 2009 – 2009 by Jason Mayden
  • Air Jordan 2010 – 2010 endorsed by Dwayne Wade
  • Air Jordan 2011 – 2011 endorsed by Dwayne Wade
  • Air Jordan 2012 – 2012 with six customization configurations
  • Air Jordan XX8 – 2013 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan XX9 – 2014 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan XXX – 2016 by Tinker Hatfield
  • Air Jordan XXXI – 2016 inspired by the Air Jordan 1
  • Air Jordan XXXII – 2017 inspired by the Air Jordan 2
  • Air Jordan XXXIII – 2018 first Air Jordan to go laceless

Besides the long series of Jordan shoes, there are many other designs released under the Air Jordan line. Apparent from the Air Jordan’s timeline, new designs were being released after a year or two. The production of this sneaker brand has indeed made an achievement in the industry, gaining recognition in different countries. Today, the Air Jordan remains to be one of the most significant sneaker brands all over the world.

There is no doubt Michael Jordan had a massive impact on the world of Basketball as well as on the world of fashion, footwear and culture as a whole.  Jordan also made a lot of money as well and the majority of it from Nike!