The Must Do’s Before You Start Playing An Online Game

Gone are the days when people felt guilty for playing games online. Gaming has proven to have so many sound effects on a person. It helps improve hand-eye coordination, even vision, good decision making, and cognitive development.

You are doing yourself a favor by playing online games, unlike when you spend all your time following gossip sites on celebs. But like other fun stuff you do, there are a few things you need to do and be aware of before you start playing to make sure the whole process is fun.

In this article, you will learn the things to do before starting to play online games to make sure you are safe and have fun at the same time.

Check Your Internet Connection

It’s called an online game, which means everything happens online. For that reason, the first thing you need to make sure you have a stable internet connection. You don’t want to stop in the middle of it, when you were having mad fun, to wait for the internet to be restored.

If possible, upgrade your WiFi to get the best experience. It’s all worth it. Even the World Health Organization has recommended people to play online games during this Covid-19 pandemic to reduce stress levels.

Invest in the Gadgets

When you plan for a vacation, you come up with a budget and upgrade a few things, yet all that is for fun. It would be best if you did the same with online gaming. If you plan on doing it, do it right. Invest in it to have a maximum adventure.

What are you using to play with? There are online games that you can play on your smartphone. You only need to find one that’s compatible with your current device. Alternatively, get yourself an upgraded phone that will allow you to play any game without any lags. You can check online reviews for the best gaming phones.

Another gadget you can use is a console. You can use it with your flat screen as long as it has an HDMI port. With the console, your experience in online gaming will go a notch higher.

Upgrade the gadgets

In case you plan on using the pc, you need to ensure you have the latest Windows update to make sure that your pc can support all the levels of games. Having a wireless mouse will make the whole gaming process much easier and faster.

You should do the same for your phone if you’re using it to play. Install antivirus too on all the gadgets to make sure you get an alert when you are about to download an app that could harm your phone.

Set A Limit of How Much You Should Spend and How Long

Every fun thing has a limit. You need to establish a stopping point, so you don’t get too carried away. Online gaming can be addictive, and you may end up spending too much time gaming. Ensure you have a limit that you will not defy.

Children should not spend more than two hours on online gaming. For the budget, make sure you have an account where you save for gaming activities in a month. Ensure the amount you use is only what is available in that specific account. In case you deplete the amount before the end of the month, wait until you deposit the next amount. This will help you get discipline and control.

Do the same with your child; make sure they understand the maximum amount they can use, and after that, they will have to wait until the next month.  Be sure to consider alternatives like UWatchfree as well.

Research on the Game You Intend to Play

The essence of playing online games is having fun with other internet users. Ensure you’re actually loving the experience and not just in it because it’s trending. Do some research to establish which one interests you the most. Besides, you should find out what rules are in place since every game is different. For example, mega moolah has other slots, so you can find one that interests you.

After you establish the game you are interested in, watch youtube videos on how it is played. Most games offer a guide on how to play on their page. Some games also provide training, and it’d be wise not to skip it.

Playing something you don’t understand is tedious and can make you hate the entire experience. So, do your due diligence first. Consider joining a gaming community like f95zone if you like playing with others and appreciate other’s suggestions.

Game Licensing

You need to be sure the game you are playing is safe and the data you provide is secure. Therefore, make sure the game you choose has a gaming license. With a license, you are assured that the gaming authority approves the game, and hence you will be more confident when giving out your details.

Although this is no assurance that the game is perfectly safe, it is better than random games on the internet. You can check the game’s reviews on their site to see what other people think about it. You can get the reviews online on the page or on their social media page.

Regulated Games

There are ways in which games are regulated. An example is where some games kick out players if they are involved in some activities like bullying and other illegal activities. Make sure you look for games that are regulated to ensure your security. An excellent example of such a game is the book of dead.

You can also choose to be the better person and be kind to all the people you interact with in the gaming process. Also, report those who bully and con people in the gaming process to make the online gaming area safe for even children.

Limit the Information You Offer Online

Not everyone in those online games is there to play. Some are there to collect information and use it for malicious intent. Have you heard of identity theft? You offer too much information, and it lands on the wrong person’s hands, and they use it.

Most people choose to use nicknames in the games for a reason. Ensure you don’t give information that can identify you or your location in the gaming process. The game itself can tell where you are, but that information is private.

Make sure you go through the terms and conditions to see how the information you provide when signing in gets used and is protected.

Ask a Friend to Join With You

It’s more fun when you play with your friends. You compete and engage a lot. And it’s safe to play with your friends since you don’t expect them to bully you or steal your personal information. Ask them to join the game so you can play together.

But this should not stop you from socializing with other new people online. You may end up creating new friends. The trick is to make sure no matter how close you feel you have gotten, don’t give too much information as you don’t know who they are for sure.


Online gaming is fun, and you learn some skills from it. The trick is to know how to balance money, time, and information. Also, make sure you are having fun because that’s the only reason you should be playing. Look for that game you enjoy most online and have mad fun on your break from work and free time.