The Story of Marvin Harrison

Football is a famous team sport that involves teamwork and skill from players in order to become victorious. The Indianapolis Colts, a team located in Indiana, is home to some of the world’s greatest football players. It was the team of notable quarterback Andrew Luck and the legend: Peyton Manning. These players made a significant impact on Indianapolis Colts’ progress in the league. 

However, such achievements are not possible with only one person doing all the work. Many other players contribute their exceptional talent in the field to secure the team’s victory; one of them is the wide receiver: Marvin Harrison. 

Who is Marvin Harrison?

Marvin Harrison is an outstanding wide receiver, not just in the Indianapolis Colts but also in the whole league. He played alongside Peyton Manning and was considered as one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the NFL. Because of his top-ranked receiving skills, it is no surprise Harrison was able to build a solid reputation throughout his career. He received several awards during his college and professional career. Today, Marvin Harrison remains to be one of the most remarkable players that ever played for the Indianapolis Colts. 

History of Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison started to gain recognition as a football player during his college years. He went to Syracuse University and played for the Syracuse Orange football team. Young Harrison played for Syracuse for four years, along with Donovan McNabb in his fourth year. Ever since his college football years, Marvin Harrison has already proved his excellent abilities in the field, securing his spot in the professional league. He ended his college career strongly with a record of 2,718 receiving yards, which was unbeaten until 2017. 

Right after college, Marvin Harrison pursued to be a professional football player and was then selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the 1996 NFL Draft. Harrison quickly built his reputation as a wide receiver and was one of the best in their class. Harrison continued to play for the Indianapolis Colts throughout his professional career, from 1996 to 2008. 

In 2002, Harrison made a milestone when he broke Herman Moore’s record for single-season receptions: 143 receptions and 1,722 yards receiving. This record remained unbeaten until 2019 by the New Orleans Saints’ Michael Thomas. Four years later, Marvin Harrison achieved another milestone, wherein he became the fourth player in the NFL history to record 1,000 receptions. This achievement was only attained by the greatest players, including Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, and Tim Brown. 

Years later, Harrison continued to be a significant player for the Indianapolis Colts; alongside Peyton Manning, they dominated the league with their excellent teamwork. His receiving skills earned him more achievements as he passed Isaac Bruce in 10th place in all-time career receiving yards. This title contributed to Harrison’s credibility as the team’s receiver, wherein he held to it for two seasons. 

Interestingly, Marvin Harrison is a well-known player not only for his skills but also for his incredible dedication to the sport. He is recognized as a player that rarely missed a regular season; one time he had missed it was when he injured a knee against the Denver Broncos. 

Moreover, the great wide receiver didn’t settle for his current spot as the fourth player in the NFL history to record 1,000 receptions. On December 14, 2008, Harrison updated his record to a total of 1,095 career receptions, surpassing Tim Brown, who has 1,094. Furthermore, Harrison beat Cris Carter’s record of 1,101 receptions, wherein he reached 1,102 career receptions in total – giving him the second spot in the all-time NFL receptions records list. 

The 2008 season was one of the best for Marvin Harrison, and just a year after, he retired from the NFL. Harrison exited strong from the league, leaving a lot of milestones for the team and for himself. His greatness will always be remembered in the NFL, especially for the Indianapolis Colts. Harrison was included in the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor in 2011. Seven years after his retirement, Harrison became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, immortalizing his greatness in the league and showcasing his legacy to future generations.