Things to Consider in NBA Championship Wagering

The National Basketball Association, or simply NBA, has got to be the biggest basketball competition in the word. Thirty teams will fight to achieve the championship title and take over every last year’s ultimate winner and for both Western and Eastern conferences.

Betting on this most renowned basketball game to gain money will be full of excitement and fun as they watch numerous thrilling matches. But here are some top tips to consider in NBA Championship wagering that are very helpful, especially for novices.

Place Your Wager Over Individual Player Performances

Prop bets are historically popularized by another big sports competition Super Bowl of the National Football League or NFL. It extends to many sports today, especially to NBA games.

This way of betting odds adds more options to wager, independent of the actual game, championship, or series, unlike the popular ones. They give more excitement to the bettors since the star or prominent basketball players are more impactful, powerful, and highlighted than any other major sports out there. Moreover, many strong players will most likely go for their best performance when the postseason kicks off.

Many prop bets are already available in the NBA betting, including who will be the NBA Finals MVP, which player will have the most assists, which player will have the most rebound or that player who will score the most points. There are still other prop bets, and some are even just for fun, like what color of Drake’s shirt will be.

A more specific tip to enjoy prop betting is to shop on many online sportsbooks to look for fascinating angles that make the game or series more enjoyable to watch and give more value on the line.

Formulate Your NBA Wagering Strategies

While there’s really no harm in relying on pure luck when randomly placing bets, it will always be best if you have your betting strategies to work on. They don’t need to be mentally challenging and complicated. With a proper dedication to perform detailed research and keeping yourself updated on the teams’ composition, with their strengths and weaknesses, you can simplify the process of creating your strategies.

Here are some strategic considerations you look out for NBA Finals.

Home Court Advantage

Home court advantage is a highly crucial factor in winning any sports. But this is highly acknowledged when it comes to basketball games, most especially in the NBA. It is considered to be a highly significant factor of winning the game, thus, winning your bets as well.

Make this factor a thing to consider when you bet on the NBA Championship primarily because it makes up the team’s number of wins to have more than 60 percent of their home games in a season. This can also extend to the postseason when home court teams can win by 65 percent.

Consider Zig-Zag Theory

This theory supposes that the teams are highly motivated by the game results of their most recent match-up for each game. With that, it can cause some shifting momentums on the players’ gameplay, driven by their emotions from the last game.

Therefore, zig-zag theory suggests placing your wager on the losing team in their most previous game. Statistical data says that the players are more likely to win after every loss. This is because of their burning desire to redeem themselves from the previous downfall. However, it is undervalued by many sports betting sites, showing its unreliability to win.

Of course, you should not put your whole faith in this. Sports knowledge and statistics are still sturdier factors in the NBA. But sometimes, those kinds of scenarios happen. So, you may consider the theory applicable when needed.

Presence of NBA All-Stars Players

It is a notable thing for every NBA Finals that no team has ever won the championship without at least an All-Star player on the roster. Consequently, only a few teams won the game without an NBA MVP on their roster.

Those factors speak a lot on the chance of predicting the winning team. Take this information to make your own unique betting strategy that can guide you.

Track Injury Reports and Anticipate Pre-Existing News

It takes intensive research to anticipate the news and track a team’s injury reports, if there are. But it is an effective way to assess somehow the teams’ chances of winning that will affect your betting plan.

How severe are the injuries? Is this player going to play for their next game? What is the estimated date to come back to the court again? How’s the traded player’s performance? Is he going to participate in the next match? Here are a few of the many possible questions you can ask to anticipate news.

In a Nutshell

Keep yourself updated on the matches and team composition of the game. That will help you adjust your betting plans and strategies on time for you to have more intelligent and sturdier picks. There are many news outlets there, especially on the internet. You can also watch the game live on TV or streams online. Just don’t get outdated on the current gameplays and statistics.