Tips for Caring for the Feet of a Baller

Making those awesome fadeaway jump shots, struggling for an offensive rebound, dashing across the court for a steal or leaping to block the opponent – you do anything to keep your team in the game. But being an active baller, you know all too well about the likelihood of suffering tiredness or soreness of the feet, not to mention foot injuries. They can get serious if they are not given proper and immediate treatment and care.

Well-conditioned feet are one of the crucial factors to become a productive and efficient player at both ends of the court. Give your tired, abused and aching feet the care they deserve after a grueling match or a pre-game practice. Here are some five soothing ways to treat your feet and get them back into shape again.

1. Epsom salt foot bath

Prepare an Epson salt foot bath to soothe and relieve your aching feet with a tub filled with warm water and a cup of Epsom salt. The Epson salt has anti-inflammatory properties that are guaranteed to soothe, give relief and revitalize your fatigued and pained feet as well as yourankles. Epsom salts that are absorbed through the skin will help in relieve tension, pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints throughout the body. Bathing your feet in warm water with Epsom salt will not only help your feet recover and revitalize, but it also provides relief and relaxation to your body and promotes a good night’s sleep.

2. Foot massage

A foot massage at the spa is one of the great ways to treat yourself after long hours of game time. Nothing beats the feeling of your feet beinggiven a relaxing and soothing massage. But if you do not have the time to go to the spa, you can also massage your feet by yourself at home. Sit and place your left foot across the top of your right upper leg. Grab the top and bottom of your foot with both hands and start giving them a slow and deep massage. Rub your hands back and forth across your foot in brief, gentle strokes. If your feet feel cold, give it a brisk massage to stimulate warmth. Concentrate your massage on the entire foot, from toe to heel. Repeat the massage on the other foot.

You can also use essential oils or creams to facilitate remedy and relief to your feet.

3. Cool water bath

Many people usually opt for warm baths to help relieve soreness, aches and coldness of the feet. However, a cool water bath is also beneficial to your feet – it gives the energizing and invigorating effect on them. This is the most ideal especially after doing games or practices in hot weather or in hot conditions. If your feet show obvious signs of painful swelling, a cold water bath is also the best bet to counter it.

4. Foot stretches

Foot stretches are also a good way to relieve your feet from pain, soreness, fatigue and swelling. Foot stretches arealso a recommendable approach to prevent foot injuries. Do some gentle stretches on your feet by pointing your toes, making a circling motion of your toes from left to right, or raising your toes upward. Stretchesalso help in reducing stiffness and heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

5. Use foot massage equipment

Foot massage equipment comes in a wide range of types, brands and pricing. A foam roller, a foot rocker, a tennis ball, or a ball-shaped foot massage is ideal for those who are on a budget but are also looking for a relaxing foot massage.

But for those who want to bring the professional foot spa into their own homes, they can invest on good foot massage machines that can simulate foot massages from a professional masseuse. Many foot massage machines provide kneading, shiatsu, rolling and vibration that make quick work on tight and knotted muscles of the feet. There are also foot massage machines with a heating option which warms your feet while they’re being kneaded and massaged.  A great foot massage can help the basketball player to even those who love just tossing the bowling ball down the lane.  

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