Tips on Riding a Horse While Navigating Mountains

Horseback riding is a fun sport, but some inherent dangers are associated with it, just like any other sport. Sitting on a thousand-pound prey animal that can be unpredictable sometimes sounds a bit dangerous, right? Riding a horse takes skills, and riding it while navigating mountains takes a lot of courage and practice. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips before you ride a horse while navigating mountains

Select your horse wisely – Riding a horse while navigating mountains is a big task. That is why you have to make sure that you are riding a horse that matches your abilities as a rider. Remember to get lessons from experts so that you will know if you’re a good match for the horse that you’re going to ride. 

Always be mindful of your horse’s behavior – After finding the right horse for you, you should remember to be aware of your horse’s behavior. If you feel that your horse is nervous, not paying attention, and moving around, do not get on. Please work with your horse first and wait until he becomes calm before you attempt to ride. Always be observant of what position you’re in, where your horse is, and how you can get away from him if something unexpected happens. 

Bring your friends and family with you – Horse riding, while you’re in the mountains, is a lot safer if you have someone with you. If you want to ride alone, just make sure that you will notify someone about where you’re going. Do not forget to bring your cellphone with you so if anything happens, and you will have a way to contact someone. If you’re riding in a group, it is best if you remember to keep your distance from your buddies so that if one of the horses kicks, it will not hit anyone, or if someone falls down, you can easily avoid them. 

Learn how to fall – Learn how to fall off the horse and roll away calmly away. Even if this tip doesn’t prevent you from getting hurt, it might help you avoid serious injuries. 

Always stay alert – Remember to stay alert but calm while you’re riding a horse in the mountains. Always trust your instincts as you go along your path, and be cautious as soon as you sense that something is not quite right. If this happens, get off your horse and ask someone with more experience for help. It would be best if you also stayed alert to your surroundings so that you will be able to see the potential situations that your horse may react to. 

Gear up – Before you go on your trip, make sure that your tools are complete and examine if your equipment has any damages. Girth straps, stirrup leathers, bridle pieces, latigo, and reins tend to become weak, especially if they are not well maintained. That is why before riding your horse, make sure that you check them, keep them oiled, and cleaned to keep if from failing you. It is best if you also wear boots or shoes with a heel that is about an inch high. 

Learn to tie your horse – When you’re on a horseback riding trip, always anticipate that a horse will pull back when it is tied. Even the most confident horse can tend to pull back, especially when they are afraid. That is why you need to learn to tie your horse using a quick-release knot. This trick will help save your horse and avoid getting hurt.

Avoid any surprises – As much as possible, you should always keep calm while riding a horse. Remember that horses are not fond of surprises. Strange noises, running, loud noise, and incidental physical contact can startle your horse. This is why you need to learn how to handle a horse when they are surprised or scared. Because no matter how careful you are, your horse is bound to run into a surprise at one point or another.