Top 3 expected boxing events

Boxing events always generate a lot of interest not only from boxing fans, but from sports bettors as well. Boxing events are dynamic, they entail many twists, they are extremely popular and for that reason they are highly preferred by sportsbooks and sport betting sites all over the world, including As we are approaching the end of the year, there are still some key boxing fights that are worth our attention.

Here are the upcoming top boxing events that will catch our breath in these last two months until the end of 2022.

Dmitry Bivol vs Gilberto Ramirez: Nov 5

Next weekend and particularly on November 5th, all boxing fans’ eyes will be set on Abu Dhabi, UAE, where Dmitry Bivol will meet up with Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez to fight for the WBA light heavyweight title. In a 12-round match, Bivol is going to defend his title at the Etihad Arena Yas Island – a title that the 31-year-old Russian boxer holds since 2017.

Ramirez, the 31-year-old Mexican boxer, is considered to be the ultimate underdog in this fight, particularly as Bivol’s mobility, technical skills and speed are far outweighing Gilberto’s punching style and abilities. While oddsmakers and sportsbooks generally point to Bivol as the clear favorite of this fight, a handful of experts suggest that the fight is going to be very interesting as some twisting events might heat things up.

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora: Dec 3

This is a fight that Tyson Fury, the 34-year-old British WBC and lineal world champion, is expecting with much of an enthusiasm and eagerness, while boxing fans are seeing it mostly as a ‘call for attention’ and as a ‘morale boost’ for Fury himself. He will defend his title against an opponent he is meeting up for a third time – Derek Chisora, who he has notably dismantled twice in the past.

The “Fury-Chisora 3” fight, which will be held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, is going  to certainly make all of us hold our breath, but not for the right reasons! It is a fight with such an obvious favorite – especially as Chisora’s boxing is fading. But it is an anticipated event, as we’ll get to see a round-3 rematch between the two.

Josh Warrington vs Luis Alberto Lopez: Dec 10

A highly anticipated fight between Josh Warrington and the Mexican boxer Luis Alberto Lopez at Leeds Arena, Warrington’s own hometown. The 31-year-old “Leeds Warrior” is a two-time IBF featherweight world champion, who is now defending his title against 29-year-old Lopez in a place where he absorbs and soaks up the good vibes, the support and the love of all fans. Even though Warrington had been injured back in March this year- he suffered a broken jaw – he has now recovered and he is ready to fight in what he says will probably be the last time at the Leeds Arena.

He is coming off really strong, aggressive and confident, but so does his rival Alberto Lopez. Lopez commented that he is eager to fight against Warrington so as to “silence his fans in his hometown” and promised to bring the IBF featherweight title back to his country – Mexico.