Top 5 Best Free Transfers Of Footballers In The World

Free agents or free transfers are soccer players who already expire or finish their official contract with a club. In general, if they wish to continue with the team, they must agree with the terms and sign a new contract before the time when the transfer market opens.

The most exciting thing here is that players can choose where they want to go as long as the new clubs and they make an agreement. How many famous free transfers of all time do you know? If you don’t, here is the list of top 5 best free transfers footballers in the world.

1. Sol Campbell – (Tottenham Hotspur to Arsenal)

Campbell’s departure to Arsenal was one of the most argumentative transfers in history, which created much criticism and anger from fans and pundits.

Nine seasons of playing for Tottenham Hotspur was enough to make Campbell an icon and hero in Spurs fans. He was famous for his solid defense, high concentration, durable body, and energetic stamina. He was one of the greatest defenders at that time.

However, things changed in the summer of 2001 when “Sol” decided to play for Arsenal – the biggest rivalry of Tottenham. This was unacceptable for every Spurs fan, as Campbell had once stated that he would never play for Arsenal. The transfer even shocked the whole world as there were no signs, rumors, or leaked information about his moving to Arsenal.

Sol Campbell in uniform of Arsenal/ Source: Truc tiep bong da

A new chapter in Arsenal was a successful time of Campbell. He played a total of 197 games and scored 11 goals for the Gunners. He also won two Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and led Arsenal to the Champions League final in 2005-2006 season.

Sol was also a part of “invincible” Arsenal (season 2003-2004 when Arsenal couldn’t be beaten in Premier League) and became one of the best defenders in Emirates stadium.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint-Germain to Manchester United)

You will rarely see an unruly talented football player like Ibrahimovic in the world as he was born to be the one. His ambition is nearly eternal. He has played in many professional leagues in the world: Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, and Major League Soccer (MLS) in the USA.

His decision to play for Manchester United when finishing the contract with PSG really made MU fans excited. Though he was not young at that time, he’s brilliant and marvelous. Zlatan is the master of incredible goals as he knows how to score in complicated positions or score in stunning ways.

Unruly Zlatan in Old Trafford/

Ibrahimovic soon got on well with the new team in Old Trafford. He even had a dream start while firing in three opening games and contributed to the stable form of the Red Devils. Zlatan scored a total of 17 goals after just 28 games in Premier League debut season, which was an impressive number.

Zlatan did have a substantial impact on the team until things went severely then. He was hampered by severe injury after the Europa League quarter-final and missed the rest of the season. He finally won the first Europa League title in his career, but couldn’t manage to regain his best form in the next season with MU.

Ibrahimovic is now still loved by all MU fans, while he enjoys playing for LA Galaxy in MLS.

3. Paul Pogba (Manchester United to Juventus)

Juventus is always a great club in recruiting free agents and then gains many benefits from them. Paul Pogba is a typical example.

Pogba was a young potential player in MU, but he wasn’t wanted and given a chance. Then, no one could imagine that the French superstar would flourish that much in Juventus, which made every MU fan regretful.

MU let Pogba move to Juventus without a single penny and then bought him back home with the world record of £89 million.

Pogba – the best deal of Juventus ever/

Pogba was an indispensable part and a main factor of the Old Lady. He owned the middle line with both defensive and offensive abilities. He controlled and protected the ball well while can change to attacking form with just a long accurate pass. He was with Pirlo to dominate every match in Serie A and even helped club advance to the Champions League final 2015.

Pogba came to MU with a tremendous hope to make the Red Devils great again. Indeed, the 26-year-old superstar now shows his importance and impact on the playing style of MU. He is the primary key in every attacking direction and always shows up at the right time.

4. Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan to Juventus)

As mentioned above, Juventus is excellent at recruiting free bargain. Pirlo was the critical player in AC Milan when he moved to their big rivalry – Juventus, but no one could hate this man.

The old Italian man was 32 at that time, which was “on the other side of the career.” When people thought he was about to retire after achieving numerous titles and trophies in his career, Pirlo decided to move on even in the higher class.

After four more seasons with Juventus, Pirlo appeared a total of 164 times and scored 19 goals for the Old Lady. He won four Serie A titles, one Copa Italia cup, and two Supercoppa Italiana. He had a massive influence on the young learner Paul Pogba and altogether became the best midfield duos in the world.

Pirlo was not young when moving to Juventus/

5. Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich)

This transfer was one of the best deals ever for the Bavarians, but on the contrary, this hurt Dortmund fans so bad. There was nothing more painful than to see the best striker of the club moving to the biggest rivalry.

However, Lewandowski enjoys the time in Bayern Munich when he has achieved many big and small trophies with the dream team. He won five Bundesliga titles, three German Super Cups with the Bavarians, and four times top scorer in Bundesliga.

Lewandowski – the best deal ever in the football history/

Final words

You have just read the list of top 5 best free transfers of footballers in the world. As you can see, free agents somehow bring excitement and interest to all football fans around the globe. Which one is your favorite?