Top 5 Hobbies for Men in Texas

There isn’t a single working person out there who’s not looking forward to their periods of free time to start. Some were lucky enough to turn their hobby into a profession, but that’s a whole different story. Hobbies are treasured because they are enjoyable and bring the needed variety to our routine. And since people can enjoy anything, the complete list of hobbies would need to include every activity in the world. Fortunately, that is not the goal we pursue. We can afford the luxury to choose from the most popular ones. That makes our task somewhat easier, but we first need to determine our sphere of interest.

Here’s the thing. It’s not appropriate to compare kayaking to playing chess or put them one after another on a recommendation list of hobbies for men. While the two hobbies can be equally enjoyable, the activities themselves have little in common. Certain hobbies are unified by something, and while they might look nothing alike, there is a feature shared by them. Food, music, technology, intellect, sport, animals – the list goes on and on. Since we’ve declared our intention to give you a few ideas of the best hobbies for men in Texas, we need to choose a shared feature and go from there. That we did, and the choice was quite obvious.

What makes working out in Texas different from working out in Louisiana? State jokes aside, not much. The same goes for all indoor activities: nothing differentiates them for people living in different parts of the country. While reading is a great hobby we can recommend to everyone, it feels the same wherever you are. It’s not accidental that we have the word Texas in our title. If we are to give Texans advice on what to do with our free time, we need to take the peculiarities of the state into account. Culture and nature are two things that vary drastically from state to state, so they make for good mainstays for our list. Knowing that Texas abounds in picturesque places and houses several climate zones, outdoor activities seemed like an obvious choice. We simply can’t afford to ignore all the beauty of the Lone Star State and recommend you take up a pottery masterclass or something. Outdoor hobbies are windows to the most magnificent views one can ever behold. They are also very beneficial for health and have large fan bases where you can find like-minded people. However, we need to remember culture and traditions. Mixing places to do things with things people got used to doing looks like the most optimal recipe. If you’ve managed to make your way through this debris of explanations, you can finally see an opening looming behind the trees. Our gun store presents to you our version of the best hobbies for men in Texas.

Range Shooting

Few things can compare to seeing all the seven shots from your .380 ACP hit the bullseye. It’s not about the caliber or the number of shots, not even how precise they are, but all things together as one. Even though Texas doesn’t rank even in the top ten states with the highest percentage of people owning firearms, it proudly takes first place for the total number of registered guns. Range shooting is a testing ground of agility and precision, a place where gun enthusiasts hone their skills climbing the path to firearm mastery. A sanctuary where you can find brothers and sisters in arms, discuss guns, how you built your firearm with 80 lowers online, and share your experiences. If you want to exercise your civil right for concealed carry and be able to use a pistol efficiently if the need arises, a shooting range will be a regular stop on your home-work-home route. Honing one’s precision takes time, but it pays off in the end. Range shooting rightfully deserves its place on the list of fun hobbies for men in Texas.


Saying Texas has thousands of square miles to camp would be an understatement. The land’s spectacular opulence of scenic views resulted in a now-developed culture of camping all across the state. While there are dozens of beaten paths for novice campers to explore, experienced enthusiasts can discover the pearls of rough wilderness. Lush forests, sandy deserts, and rocky mountains are ready to open their treasures to everyone interested. Camping also makes for a fine bonding event, where you can gather your friends and run away from the bustle of everyone’s daily lives. Another option is to spend this time in solitude reestablishing your connection with nature or exploring the pool of your own thoughts. There isn’t a thing in the world that a scenic view can’t make better, so pack a tent, get a cooking pot, open up a map of camping spots and let the chance determine your next adventure.


Hunting is the perfect way of combining precision shooting with nature exploring. Humanity has been doing it for millennia, and while the primary goals have changed, the essence remains the same. The tools of the hunt have also evolved. Now, we don’t need to chase animals with stone spears in our hands. Since 95% of Texas is privately held, most of the hunting done here takes place on landowners’ ranches in high-fenced areas. You also have about 5% of publicly owned land, which, considering Texas’ general area, is still quite a lot. The land is particularly known as a destination for whitetail deer hunting, but the choice of game is more varied than that. The Texas Hill Country is a perfect place for all outdoor activities imaginable, and hunting is no exception. There are plenty of other spots for hunting in Southern and Eastern Texas as well, so the options are plenty. Hunting from blinds and stands are the two most popular types since the thickness of local forests doesn’t allow for easy passage.


With 15 major rivers meandering the state’s expanses, over 7 thousand lakes mirroring the ever-changing but always familiar sky, and the mesmerizing Gulf of Mexico embracing Texas from the south, fishing is another obvious option. It’s not as demanding in terms of physical activity and won’t have you breaking a sweat. It’s a rather tranquil hobby that nonetheless constantly ranks high among the top hobbies for men worldwide. Texas is gifted enough to offer anglers a wide choice of places for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Largemouth Bass, Catfish, and Crappies are the top three freshwater catches, while Redfish, Flounder, Snook, and Speckled Trout are the primary rewards for saltwater anglers.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing towers over other sports hobbies for men due to several reasons. The first one is obviously the essence of the activity: height is a perpetual companion of all climbers and, for many people, is the main reason to pursue the hobby. The second reason entails all the challenges this hobby presents. While some activities, like fishing, are quite beginner-friendly, rock climbing belongs to the group of hobbies that call for serious training. Agility and physical strength on one side and equipment proficiency on the other make rock climbing a demanding hobby. The reward for pursuing it, however, makes it absolutely worth it. The exclusive views climbers behold during their ascend are incomparable to anything seen on solid ground.