Top 5 NBA Teams Ever

NBA stands for the men’s professional basketball league based in North America. Many fans across the world watch these matches with immense enthusiasm. Indeed, the NBA has produced some legendary players whose names will be forever cherished by fans.

The league has a rich history of 74 years and it was founded on the 6th of June 1946 in New York City. Information on this can be further found in essay about basketball. NBA is known across the world to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. The NBA’s regular season runs from October to April and each crew gets to play 82 games in total during this period.

There have been many leading crews that have played the sport throughout the years. The article below provides some information about the top 5 NBA teams of all time.

1995-96 Chicago Bulls

This team is known to be the very best team in NBA history by many fans across the world. Indeed their work has been quite extraordinary and incredible. Many fans started ardently loving the sport after witnessing how the players of Chicago Bulls played during this period.

During the 1995-96 games, the team reached the zenith of success indeed. Many fans who witnessed these games will not forget how they played. The enthusiasm and zeal that they displayed were truly unmatched. Michael Jordan who played for the team also made a comeback during the latter part of the season much to the joy of the fans of this incredible player.

The team finished the season with NBA record 72 wins. This was indeed a phenomenal feat which the fans of the sport will never truly forget.

1986-97 Los Angeles Lakers

1986-97 Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is yet another famous team that goes down in the history of the NBA. The crew reached the zenith of success during the 1986 and 87 games and fans of the sport will never truly forget the incredible matches that they won. There were phenomenal players in this legendary team who drove the success of the game to a great extent.

The previous season of this crew was a failure and they were desperately yearning to get back on their feet and bring the glory back home when they started the season. So they played with valor and zest from the very beginning and it truly showed. The fans of this team were desperately yearning for victory and the crew was set to make the fans proud indeed. The fans were yearning for a great comeback which was given to them by this team. You will certainly have to mention this victory if you ever have to write a basketball essay.

The previous year, the team had won 65 games with Magic Johnson leading the way. Several key players were also instrumental in shaping the victory of this wonderful year for them. And once again during the 1986 and 87 matches, they performed to perfection and made the fans elated. They became champions yet again!

1985-86 Boston Celtics

This team is also one of the best NBA teams of all time. In the previous season, they lost the matches to the legendary Los Angeles Lakers, which was mentioned previously. They were truly determined to bring the glory back home and that they did with immense sportsmanship during this season. The team consisted of several star players so shaping their victory was not very difficult. But of course, they were playing against world champions so they had to up their efforts too.

The Celtics won 67 games in the regular season during this period and then went on to beat the Chicago Bulls. Fans who witnessed the games will never truly forget the incredible sportsmanship which was displayed by them during this golden season.

1988-89 Detroit Pistons

1988-89 Detroit Pistons

This is also an incredibly popular team that has to be mentioned in this article. Fans of the sport will never truly forget the way that they played during this wonderful season. Of course, many fans hate this team too because of their physical style of play but they have performed exceptionally well nonetheless!

They are a team that gave new meaning to the word defensive play. They are ruthless and strong in their performances and they easily threaten the opponents with their spirit. They beat several key players in the season and make everyone take notice of them.

1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks

Oscar Robertson was one of the main players in this team who brought glory to the team during this incredible season. They won 66 games during this season with the assistance of this player as well as the rest of the teammates who were nothing short of being phenomenal. They brilliantly displayed team work and brought the glory to their team much to the elation of their fans.

This team was facing a lot of challenges as their opponents were incredibly strong. But they performed well nonetheless and finally clinched victory. The manner in which they were coached and directed as well as the wonderful team spirit that they displayed helped them to become victorious in this fateful season which helped them to go down in history.


The greatest NBA teams of all time are these according to several sources. But many fans will choose to disagree as well. Any team which displays vigor and style in the court can become great in the eyes of the fans. You will be able to read more about these sensational teams as you research online. There have been many movies and TV shows depicting the phenomenal victories of these teams too. If you want to read about their victories you will be able to find many magazines and books as well.