Top Ball Hog Gloves

A ball hog glove is a specially-made glove designed to minimize one’s natural grip to the basketball (the ball itself, that is). This compels a player to work harder on his control of the ball. Ball hog gloves are a great way for strengthening the hands for ball handling, dribbling, passing, catching, shooting and rebounding; they can also help in improving a player’s overall coordination.

Ball hog gloves make a great training aid, helping you to work on your game better and enhance your skill on the court and also your overall confidence. If you are a player who’s looking for the best hog gloves to up your game, you have come to the right place! Check out the top 5 ball hog gloves that you might want to consider (these items are available on Amazon, too).

1. Silfrae Basketball Dribble Handling Training Gloves

The Silfrae Basketball Dribble Handling Training Gloves are one of the top basketball gloves on the market today. It helps you in improving your game overall by maintaining just the right grip on the ball and at the same time facilitating better passing, dribbiling and shooting. These gloves provide additional challenge to workouts while training.

The Slifrae Basketball Dribble Handling Training Gloves are made of heavy-duty adjustable breathable mesh cloth for a near-flawless combination of durability, breathability and comfort.

The manufacturer, Silfrae, is confident on this product that it offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Size: XL. Palm length for 3.34”/8.5 cm – 3.74”/9.5 cm

2. Powerhandz Weighted Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves Youth

This is a well-balanced ball hog glove. The weight is evenly spread over the glove’s dorsal (top) side. It also features an anti-friction material on the glove’s palm side, making tasks such as dribbling, catching and passing more difficult and challenging when training. This compels the player to improve his hand coordination.

Each of the gloves features weight resistance to improve strength on the muscles not only of the hand but also muscles of the arm. The weight resistance on the gloves also forces the player to increase and improve his hand speed.

Even though these gloves have a lot of fabric, the Lycra gussets are incorporated for breathability and snug fit.

3. Ball Hog Gloves (Weighted) Anti Grip Ball Handling X-Factor

These ball hog gloves, like many others, have a fundamental function of taking away your hand’s “comfort zone” by minimizing its natural grip to the ball. That way, it forces you to work better on your hand’s ability to pass, dribble, catch and shoot.

These ball hog gloves provide an additional challenge to your workouts and practices, improving your hands’ and fingers’ strength, coordination and agility. And the best of all? These are some of the best ball hog gloves on the market today that are also incredibly cheap.

4. Ball Hog Handling Gloves (unweighted)

In additional to weighted ball hog handling gloves, there are also unweighted ones that you might want to try on. If your focus is mostly to improve ball handling and catching, then you might want to consider the unweighted Ball Hog Handling Gloves.

Even though these gloves are unweighted, they still help you in improving your overall ball handling and catching skills. These are simple ball hog handling gloves that have proven to be versatile as they can also be used for other sports or other types of training. Being lighter compared to other ball hog gloves on the list, these gloves are also great for younger athletes.