Top sports in Canada

About a third of the Canadian population is actively involved in professional sports. Various sporting events give the country the possibility to contest worldwide in international championships..

Toronto is notable among Canadian cities when it comes to sports because it has several sports teams affiliated with the American professional leagues, especially most Canadian professional teams in the top leagues.


Hockey is the official national winter sport of Canada. It is one of the most common youth sports in the country that still remains popular among adults, whether in organized professional, amateur or recreational leagues.

Canadians and hockey are one and the same. Every city in Canada is sure to have an ice rink and hockey school. More than 1.3 million Canadians are actively involved in entertaining hockey games, boosting the popularity of this deeply rooted sport in Canada.

Numerous competitions are held each year, hockey games are often included in winter carnivals, and many outdoor ice rinks are built for the winter season. Tickets to major games sell out here in seconds, and Canadian hockey players are considered one of the best in the world.

The Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League are best known, a team with strong local support and the most financially successful sports franchise in the country. The franchise built Maple Leaf Gardens, a sports complex that functioned as the Maple Leafs’ home arena and was also used for cultural and other events.


As we said, the rink is in every city, accordingly, in Canada everything is very developed, everything related to skating. Among the winter sports, curling is also very popular. It is largely concentrated in the Prairie Provinces, many of which are in Manitoba and Alberta.

The sport is managed by Curling Canada that hosts annually national curling championships. Tournaments such as the Canadian Curling Club Championships bring the sport into the public eye.

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The sport of boxing has been practiced in Canada since 1867 before the Canadian Confederation. Boxing Canada is the national governing body for the sport of boxing in Canada, recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee. At the Olympic Games in Vulkan MMA bet competition, Canadian athletes have won a total of 17 medals:

  • gold – 3;
  • silver – 7;
  • bronze – 7.

Boxing champions Brandon Cook, Sylvera Louis, and Dillon Carman are known all over the world. Boxing is currently controlled by

  • National Championship of Canada (CNN);
  • Canadian Boxing Federation (CBF);
  • NABA Canada – ranking and sanctioning body for Canadian professional boxing since 2012;
  • Canadian Professional Boxing Council (CPBC);
  • National Boxing Authority (NBA);
  • Canadian Boxing Association (CABA) – official governing body for boxing;
  • WBC Boxing Canada – alternative governing MMA body.