UEFA Europa League 2022/23, who can make it?

It is not only the UEFA Champions League that is interesting for bettors, but the UEFA Europa League as well. Being the annual competition of football clubs, the Europa League is the second tier organization of UEFA and one that generates very high viewership rates across the world.

In Malaysia, where there is increased interest over European football competitions, the Europa League has a considerably high ranking in the portfolio of betting markets offered by online sportsbooks, the best of which are found at https://bettingmalaysia.online/.

Betting on the Europa League will surge in the next period, as the confrontations between the clubs are going to turn the heat on. But let’s see what are the main forecasts of the league and who can make it to the end.

Arsenal, Barcelona and Manchester United are the top three clubs sitting at the top of the bookmakers’ forecast list for lifting the trophy. Let’s examine the first five favorites.

1. Arsenal

Arsenal has got the best chances – always according to what sportsbooks have estimated based on statistics, algorithms and sophisticated analysis of data – of making it all the way to the top and this is greatly due to the club’s stunning performance up to now in the Premier League matches and its overall appearance. Having a good performance only raises their probabilities of being crowned so much on their own part and morale as much as for the online bookmakers’ forecasts.

Arsenal’s odds at the moment reflect a 20% chance of winning the Europa League.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona’s odds for winning the Europa League cup do in fact reveal that bookies consider the club to be a very probable contender of the title. They have a top-notch, skillful and highly competent squad and they are expected to do magic on the field.

Bookmakers are now giving Barcelona a 16.6% probability to be the outright winner.

3. Manchester United

Manchester United now sits at the third position for winning the Europa League title, below their long-time rival, Arsenal. Manchester United stands good chances of lifting the trophy for the second time, after they did it back in 2016/17. In fact, they are now in second place after Real Sociedad in Group E and they have only one defeat.

Manchester United are estimated to have 10% chances of winning the Europa League.

4. Ajax

Ajax had a rather disappointing performance in the Champions League, but they have a good squad which can drive the club into the top. Although not as a favorite as the previous three clubs, we can’t deny that Ajax remains a respectable contender.

Ajax is given a 6.6% probability to win the trophy.

5. Juventus

Their campaign in the Champions League was not good and so they were dropped to the second tier competition, but they are considerable favorites for winning the Europa League this season, in spring because of their quality and motivation.

Juventus is now estimated by online bookies to have 6.6% chances to win the competition.

These are the five favorites to win the Europa League 2022/23. If you want to bet on one of these favorites, just do some further reading and make your own evaluations so as to further back your choice.