Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 REVIEW: Tech, Performance & Materials

Welcome to my Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 review! I really liked the previous Clutchfit Drive 2, so a continuation of this shoe line is pretty exciting. Fans of the Curry Two, Clutchfit Drive 2 or just guards, check this out. It could be good.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s begin the Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 review!


Shoes: Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3

Weight: 390 g. / 13.76 oz

Type: Mid Top Sneaker

Technologies: Charged, ClutchFit, MicroG

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 7+

My Rating: 7.5/10


So we got a different cushion setup this year. It’s a full-length MicroG midsole with Charged in the foam for extra responsiveness and impact absorption.

ClutchFit – this is the shoe’s upper material. It’s a very comfortable synthetic that feels like second skin. The previous shoe didn’t use it that much, so this year we got as much as we can get.



I will start off by saying that the shoe is pretty comfortable. Nothing out of this world or unique, but it gets the job done. It didn’t distract me or annoy me in any way. They fit true to size and there’s no deal breaking issues like slippage or lack of stability.

I’ll say that the shoe has a very balanced fit that’s actually on the softer side. Fans of soft materials probably will like these because of the awesome Clutchfit upper. It’s a very snug, locked-in and secure type of fit that is also not firm or hard. It’s really cool overall.


Even though it’s a different setup on paper, the cushion feels pretty much the same as most Under Armour’s recent ball shoes. Very responsive, very mobile, light, stable. You’ll get some court feel and the setup is basically great for most types of guards.

The best thing about this is the shoe actually offers good impact protection for such a firm cushion. So all in all, it’s a solid cushion setup for responsiveness, it’s just not that soft or fun to play in.


Traction was fine for the most part. I didn’t experience any sliding or weak traction. They gripped the floor well and held off all my quick stops, cuts and things like that. 

Definitely not the best traction in terms of sensitivity. It picks up dust very quicky and you’ll need to wipe them off pretty often. Unless you play on a premium NBA-level court. The rubber seems fairly durable, so don’t hesitate to take these outdoors.


Support was decent. Nothing super great. Still, the ankle collar is pretty high (though it doesn’t really support that much) and the ClutchFit material is reasonably supportive. Most support comes from the tight fit itself. It provides good lockdown and containment.

I honestly don’t know how I felt about the shoe’s support. It works, but not on the level that I would want. Of course, if you’re someone who isn’t a fast or aggressive player, than you should be fine.


I really like ClutchFit. It’s light, fairly comfortable, breathable and it’s pretty durable, so you can take these outdoors. I did need to break-in the upper, but that period was VERY fast, so don’t worry about that.


So I expected a bit more from a shoe like this. It did perform pretty well and didn’t really have a dealbreaking issue, but I will have to give the nod to the previous ClutchFit Drive 2.

Comfortable, responsive cushion, solid traction, decent support and a nice upper.

Stick to the last Clutchfit, if you have them. Or spend $5 more on the Curry Two. This is not a bad shoe, in fact it’s a good shoe, but it just happened to fall between something that’s better.


+ Responsive cushion with impact protection
+ Good traction both indoors and outdoors
+ Comfortable and light ClutchFit upper


 Support isn’t really enough for an explosive player
 Fit could be too tight and firm for some people

That’s it for the review! I hope you found it useful for your next purchase.