Under Armour Curry 2.5: Worth Over the Curry 2?

So you’re probably wondering what’s the Under Armour Curry 2.5 and is it better than the original Curry Two.

Well, I’ve decided to make a quick article that will explain you the differences between the two shoes and ultimately will help you decide which shoe to buy, and if you already have the Curry Two, should you buy the Under Armour Curry 2.5.

And if you’re not familiar with the Curry Two, check out my full review HERE.


Weight: 349 g. / 15.5 oz

Shoes: Under Armour Curry 2.5

Type: Mid Top Sneaker

Technologies: Charged

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 13+

My Rating: 8.5/10



So we got the same full-length Charged setup. It is not going to be for everyone. Charged is quite firm, but very responsive, stable and mobile cushion. Lighter, lower profile guards will love this setup the most.


The exact same multi-directional herringbone pattern is used on the Curry 2.5. Traction on both shoes is AMAZIG. No slipping or sliding issues. You’ll need to wipe from time to time and it’s not a great outdoors option though.



The biggest and the main difference over the Curry Two is the upper. This time, we have mesh with some kind of plasticy synthetics on top for durability and support. I will put it simply, it’s more durable and more supportive, BUT I felt that it wasn’t as comfortable, felt a bit more bulky and way less breathable.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a comfortable shoe, but compared to the Two, the sturdy materials used on the 2.5 kinda felt a bit worse for me.


That kind of upper really added a whole new level of support. Greatly improved over the Two, which did feel a bit loose. You have all the same features from the Two, plus a more supportive upper and a more secure fit.


Speaking of fit, they do fit true to size and like I said, they ARE comfortable. It’s just that I really think they don’t come near to the Curry Two’s SpeedForm upper. These are two different kind of uppers though. One is lighter and more mobile. while the other is heavier and more supportive.



I LOVE both shoes. They are a bit different from the upper perspective, but benefit players in different ways. And since the cost is only five bucks different, there’s no point in comparing the price.

The Curry 2.5 has the same traction and cushion, which are both awesome. However the 2.5 is more supportive and more durable. From a comfort perspective, I do prefer the lighter, softer and more ventilated feel of the Curry Two.

If didn’t have either of the shoes, I’d personally go with the Curry 2.5 because my play style needs lots of support. If you already have the Curry Two, I don’t think it’s worth an upgrade, UNLESS you’re specifically looking for an upgrade in the support/durability aspects.

check out the full review with links to the best deals.

I hope you found this helpful for your next purchase!