What Are The Ways To Relax For Basketball Players? Top 6 Relaxing Digital Games for Those Who Need a Rest

People who are passionate about sports give a lot of physical energy at the stadium, on the field, on the grounds. Physically active people especially need to have a good and high-quality rest, changing the type of activity. Isn’t computer games the best solution for recreation? We have several games for those who are actively involved in sports and need a vacation.

Solitaire games

These are just really classic computer games or the hobby that makes us smarter! You probably noticed that solitaire is given to almost everyone. This is a cool app that gives your brain a boost while helping you relax. Solitaire is also universal in order you can play it both on your computer and on your phone.

The player should automatically arrange the cards in piles, transfer them by suit, and do not even suspect that at this time the player is diligently training the brain. During such a “rest”, you can find solutions to complex tasks that seem impossible.

Such a hobby helps us to unload emotionally, so we really relax! By choosing moves, we distract ourselves from pressing problems, but in the meantime the brain is still trying to find a solution to them, we just don’t notice it.

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are useful for those who find ways to relax in the company. In such games you usually get a role, a character that you choose yourself. And then , you go further along the game with him or her, hitting opponents and supporting teammates. There you will find massive battles, powerful fights, but also friendly acquaintances take place! Such type of computer games include World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, Dota 2 and many others.

The tasks in multiplayers’ games are not the easiest and it is quite difficult to maintain a cool rating, but there are some special keys! For example, in Path of Exile you can buy poe currency and play for fun while maintaining a good rating! You can also use any other boosting options and stay in the top in multiplayer games. Computer games for athletes are a joy and relaxation! Therefore, it is very useful to use boosting tools.


Many of you probably remember this addictive game! The game 2048 seems  quite simple at first glance, you just need to count! It is necessary to connect the same numbers with tiles, and at the same time collect the value 2048. Nothing difficult, right? But in fact, you can completely underestimate the game. From the very first moves you will understand that it is important to calculate your moves and it is even more important to have a strategy.

The 2048 game perfectly trains short-term memory, attention, relieves stress, develops strategic thinking and skills.

Untitled Goose Game

This game is for those who like jokes and fun! The game is about a harmful goose that has many fans around the world. In this arcade game you control the main character of the game, which is obviously a goose, which does not give a quiet life for the local villages.

The main character of Untitled Goose Game flaps his wings, crouches, cackles and carries objects. This game will definitely relax you and will not strain your nervous system, because even the functionality of the main character is limited.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is an unusual tetris, not the one you probably immediately thought of. Here you will find stunning visuals and music. Some players even describe it as a game that does not look like a hard task at all, this game is more for meditation and relaxation. And this is exactly what we need!

This game was made by Japanese developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who is a very creative and versatile specialist! Tetris Effect is not his first attempt to combine gameplay with music. And users really like this idea. Try it and you!


A great computer game with deep meaning and important  themes is Firewatch. A beautiful picture and deep sensed dialogues – that’s what awaits you in the game! The American studio Campo Santo vividly depicted a national park in Wyoming, recreated animated nature and the beauty of landscapes.

The main character of the computer game is a forest ranger. He makes sure that there is no fire in a certain area of the territory. Other characters communicate with the main character, protecting the neighboring area of the forest. Since the events take place at the end of the 1980s, the characters communicate by radio, and they have to navigate using a compass and a paper map.

We have tried to find for you the most diverse ways to relax in the digital world, so that you have a wide choice. Computer games are a great way to relax in modern reality. The main thing is to maintain a balance between the real and virtual world and monitor eye health! Let rest always be a separate kind of pleasure, especially for those who work hard.