What do your favorite basketball players do off the court?

It’s easy to imagine that professional sportspeople don’t do much when they’re not playing their sport, especially if they’re not on social media or they don’t find themselves in the news very often.

But, everybody does have a life and hobbies within their life! So outside of basketball, what do your favorite basketball players like to do? We’ll be answering that question by selecting some of the most popular players in the NBA to find out what their hobbies are.

There’s everything from gambling to comic books to kickboxing. So, join us as we find out who likes to do what when they’re not on the court.

LeBron James

There’s no doubt that James is one of the most famous basketball players of all time. HIs illustrious career has led to him winning more awards than you could even count, and he comes across as a generally nice guy.

But what about when he steps off the court? What does he like to do when he’s winding down or has a bit of free time in between training sessions?

Well, he says his favorite things to do are listening to music, reading a good book and spending time with his family. Very wholesome indeed!

Chris Paul

Phoenix Suns player Chris Paul is adored by the fans, but did you know that there’s a chance you might bump into him at the bowling alley some time? That’s because he loves to bowl whenever he gets the chance!

Paul claims that if he’s not playing basketball, he’s probably going to be bowling instead. We wonder if he’s as good at bowling as he is at basketball.

Rajon Rondo

Roller skates and basketball are not something that often find themselves in the same sentence, but they sure do for Rajon Rondo. He says that he loves to skate to wind down after a match of basketball. In fairness, it does sound like a pretty relaxing thing to do, so fair play to him.

Michael Jordan

Here’s another household name that’s just so famous you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the world who didn’t recognize it. So, what does he like to do? We’re sure a lot of people want to know the answer to that question, such is the immense number of fans this man has.

And it’s an odd one. He loves to gamble. Okay, that part itself isn’t odd, but it’s the game of choice that seems a little unusual. Jordan loves to gamble on golf. It’s not the sport we would have guessed he would love to have bet on, but there we have it. Jordan is certainly not alone in his love for a wager – you can find out more about your favorite NBA stars that enjoy gambling with this article from australiabasket.com.

He certainly has enough disposable income to get up to a bit of gambling, especially with the enormous Nike contract for his clothing range. And if he loves golf then why not? It’s definitely a stretch from basketball though, that’s for sure.

He also loves a few casino games!

Kevin Durant

One of the most creative players in the NBA right now also loves to get creative off the court. That makes sense to us! Kevin Durant claims that one of his favorite things to do when he’s not playing his pro sport is photography.

And he isn’t half bad at it either. He has actually received commissioned work a few times, even more money for one of the most highly paid players in the NBA. But why not? If you’re good at something, you might as well make a little extra cash, right?

His best commission to date was to take some shots of Super Bowl L for Players Tribune. That’s a huge deal! A very talented man we have right here.

Stephen Curry

We had to find out what Steph Curry liked to do off the court, as he seems to dedicate so much of his time to training to be as good as he is on it. However, the result surprised us.

It turns out that Curry’s favorite thing to do when he isn’t playing ball is… organizing the garage. That’s right. It turns out he gets immense satisfaction from keeping his garage well organized.

We can understand why that would be a nice thing to do from time to time but to name it as one of our favorite hobbies? That’s wild. Whatever keeps his head clear to keep delivering on the court, we guess!