What Is The Difference Between Great, Average, and Terrible Wonderlic Score?

Suppose you’ve heard of the Wonderlic test. In that case, you probably know that it comes with three different score tiers: great, average, and terrible. In this post, you will better understand the differences between these three scores and what they really mean. 

What is a Wonderlic Test?

Before diving deep into the three different score tiers of the Wonderlic test, get to know the definition and history of this test. 

The Wonderlic test is essentially an I.Q. Test created by E.F. Wonderlic in 1936. The main purpose of this test is to measure a person’s cognitive ability in vocabulary, reasoning, and mathematics. During World War II, the Navy used this test to screen qualified candidates for the pilot position. 

For over 30 years, the Wonderlic test has been administered in the NFL to draft qualified players. The Wonderlic test generally consists of 50 questions that players must answer within 12 minutes. This test aims to measure the players’ problem-solving abilities. 

As per Wonderlic Inc, a total score of at least 10 is enough to prove that a person is literate. On the other hand, a minimum of 20 points is the required score for aspiring NFL players. 

Depending on an individual’s cognitive capacity, they can score a “great,” “average,” or “terrible” in the Wonderlic test. 

Great Wonderlic Score

According to the creator of this test, EF Wonderlic, a score of 20 points in the Wonderlic test is like having a 100 on a typical I.Q. Test. Therefore, having a score of 10 is still considered literate. Moreover, having a score of 25 points or higher is classified as a great Wonderlic Score. 

Having a very high Wonderlic score entails that an individual is highly qualified for the job at hand. It shows that the individual has a great way of approaching challenges and is exceptional at dealing with certain situations. 

Lastly, having a great Wonderlic score indicates the probable potential of someone to bring positive impact and growth to the organization or team. 

Average Wonderlic Score

According to Wonderlic Inc., 20 out of 50 is the average Wonderlic test score. However, suppose an individual is able to gain a score point of 10 or higher. In that case, he or she is considered to be literate. Most recruiters or employers will find literate individuals as qualified for job positions that are in less demand. 

An average Wonderlic score differs from one profession to another. For example, an average score for bank tellers is 22, while for engineers, it is at 29. Although these job positions are completely different, employers need to hire individuals with broad abilities to fill them in. 

Terrible Wonderlic Test Score

In the NFL Combine, when a player gains a score below the average range, they have earned a terrible Wonderlic test score. However, suppose the player possesses a commendable performance during field tryouts. In that case, they are still considered eligible to become a part of the NFL. In other words, Wonderlic scores don’t really tell whether an individual will do well in the field or not. 

While some team leaders and coaches prefer that players gain at least an average score, many also believe that some players can prove themselves on the gamefield despite having a below-average Wonderlic test score. 


Now that you know the differences between Great, Average, and Terrible Wonderlic test scores, you probably have your goals already set. If you wish to ace your test and achieve a “great” score point, you should learn the best Wonderlic test strategy today.