Why Should You Buy At Amazon?


You’ve probably noticed that most of my basketball shoe reviews have a purchase link if you decide to buy the shoe. Most of the time, it will take you directly to Amazon.com for the particular shoe you just read about in the review.

While I still provide the actual manufacturer’s links at the top (such as adidas, Nike) and usually Eastbay, the first and the biggest focus is still on Amazon.




That is because Amazon is the biggest online store that has millions of products, including basketball shoes. Let me give you some exact reasons why buying on Amazon.com is definitely a good choice:

  • It is a safe and trustworthy e-commerce website that you should never consider as a questionable source. It has been widely used for dozens of years and its reputation never got worse. Read up on it more on Wikipedia.
  • If your purchased item is somewhat damaged or incorrect, it is always viable to ship the item back to get a replacement or a full refund. Many folks did that, including myself, and they’re no problems whatsoever (at least for me).
  • The shipping times are simply killer. If you’re living in the US, items are sometimes delivered the next day! Not a lot of stores offer that.
  • The product selection is huge and the latest ones (including shoes) are available pretty much right after the shoe’s release. It is very beneficial for people who had been anticipating for a new shoe.


Amazon Shipping Logo


So, that’s basically why. Now, before you make any judgements of me, I just want to make things clear. I’m NOT some kind of Amazon salesman, advertiser or scammer. For some of you it could look like I’m trying to boast about Amazon and make everyone use it or whatever. I’m just stating my opinion, I like to shop through Amazon and I explained why. That’s that.






Amazon is great, but so are lots of other major stores online. I do provide links to Eastbay and also adidas. So when you see that, don’t be confused, just pick the one you like and, ideally, the one that has the best deal at that time.

But, if you have any suggestions about the stores’ links I should provide, let me know! Maybe you know a store that has killer prices that Amazon can’t beat? Let me know!


Anyway, that’s it for my rambling, see you in the reviews! 🙂