5 Tips for Girls on How to be Aggressive in Basketball

Basketball is an entertaining sort, and for years, it has been seen as a men’s sport. The narrative is changing, and many young girls are joining this sport. Interestingly it is many schools embracing this game, and they involve girls too. With the love of basketball rising, many girls would prefer playing it rather than other sports.

Maybe you have a basketball court in your neighborhood, and every time you come home from school, you want to play. However, the first thing you need to ask yourself is My Homework Done? Don’t prioritize your homework about playing basketball. Remember that studies are what makes you be able to play this game. And focusing on your schoolwork is vital.

Then, with the urge to play basketball getting on your nerves, you as a girl needs to know how you can be aggressive when playing. I have five tips you must remember about becoming a dynamic basketball player.


Believing in yourself is one of the ways of becoming aggressive. When you decide to play basketball, you need to have evaluated your confidence levels. It is a sport for those who believe they can do anything at any time.

Furthermore, when you are confident, you can perform any skill when you face an opponent during a match. Thus, if you still are not that confident, work on this aspect first as to become aggressive and a professional player in the future.

Hit the Gym and Train Regularly

Nothing comes easy, and being physically fit what you need. To jog your memory, you know that basketball is physical, and if you are feeble, you cannot get anywhere playing basketball. Going to the gym should be essential to become robust. You need to do exercises each day.

For you to avoid unnecessary injuries, you have to work out hard. Another thing you have to remember is to exercise and remember it is not easy. Yes, it is not, it’s not all about throwing the ball from one player to the other. However, there are set rules on how to handle a shot during a basketball match.

You need to know how to defend against your opponent. Without proper training, where will you know such essential skills? Nowhere, so, to be that aggressive player goes to the gym always and train hard.

Your Mentality

Being confident, going to the gym, and training is not all you need to become the best basketball player. Your mentality needs to be right. Being active doesn’t mean that you are strong mentally. Even the small can-do wonders if they are strong mentally. Look at the case of David and Goliath in the Bible.

Thus, to make you’re a complete player, you need to be mentally healthy. That will enable you to do any skill and movement when in a basketball pitch. Consequently, if you feel that you don’t have a strong mentality, work on it first before hitting the court.


No one knows everything, and you must be ready to learn. That is not different when it comes to becoming that aggressive basketball player. You need to have that patience to learn new skills and advice from your coach and elder teammates. 

To play in the women’s professional basketball league, you must learn. Therefore, as much as you love basketball, you have to be ready to learn.

Be Passionate

You cannot play any sport if you are not passionate about it. Even though you are young, being passionate about basketball will help you become that aggressive player on the court. With love for the sport, anything will be possible. A girl like you can become a legendary basketball player, but without passion for the game, that will be a dream.

So, as much as you would wish to play basketball because of being a cool sport. Ask yourself, am I passionate about basketball? When your answer is yes, then go ahead playing.


To be an aggressive basketball player, you need to have the above qualities. With them, you will be able to play the game you love in the best way. So, ensure when playing, you keep all your thoughts in the game and never look down upon other players. Therefore, with these tips, you will be able to become one of the best players in your squad.