What Essential Equipment Do Basketball Players Need

If you’re reading this post, then it’s undoubtedly clear that you’re a fan of basketball. Now, there are many different ways people learn this sport. Some started when they were kids while others followed the footsteps of their parents or elder siblings who were either players or diehard fans of the sport.

In either way, once you develop a passion for this sport, most people usually go-ahead to invest their time and effort to sharpen their skills to become a better version of themselves. As you traverse towards the top levels to become a professional, one factor you must consider if you’re ever looking to become a serious basketball player is the right equipment you’ll require.

So, in this post, we will discuss five essential equipment that every basketball player should have if you ever wish to become a professional.

Basketball Jerseys (Shorts & T-Shirts)

The first essential that is an absolute necessity when getting ready to play basketball is the shorts and t-shirts. Now, you can’t step into a basketball court wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt and expect to play. Definitely, No. You have to wear the right gear for you to enjoy playing this precious sport.

In this case, the right gear is a t-shirt with your name and numerals at the back. The front of the t-shirt should have the branding and the logo. Depending on your size, you can select a t-shirt with sizes that range from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, to Extra Extra Large.

About the shorts, the color and the numerals should be the same as the t-shirt. Now, if you’re playing indoors, shorts are the best as they prevent over sweating. However, if you’re playing this sport out in the cold, you can consider wearing pants instead.

Basketball Shoes

The next essential that calls for ultimate care when selecting is your basketball shoes. These shoes, commonly known as basketball sneakers, play two major roles. One, they’re gentle as they don’t scratch the basketball court.

Remember, a basketball court has a wooden floor laminated with a special coating. To avoid compromising the game, this coating must stay unscratched at any cost.

The second role of basketball sneakers is to support your ankles and provide enough lift when scoring. Since this game involves performing dangerous stunts and jumps, supportive sneakers will protect you from ankle strains, sprains, and other leg injuries that are common to basketball players.

For more ideas about basketball equipment, you may check out our list of Basketball Protective Gear for the best tips and recommendations.

The Basketball

The ball seems like an obvious essential. However, several factors are key when choosing a basketball and should be examined with extreme caution. Three of the guidelines are weight, size, and bounce.

For men, the right size is 29.5 to 30 inches while for women, the recommended size is 28.5 inches. The weight of the ball should be 18 to 22 pounds and should have a bounce of 49 to 54 inches.

Finally, if you’re choosing the ball for practice purposes, a rubber made ball is the best. However, if the ball is for professional competitions, then leather made ball is the best.

A Basketball Backpack

Another piece of equipment that demands maximum attention when organizing your basketball essentials is a basketball backpack. According to Backpackjudge.com, a basketball backpack is a perfect place where you can keep all your portable essentials such as a water bottle, a mouthpiece, your sneakers, a spare t-shirt and the sweaty jerseys that you had when playing.

Additionally, players who enjoy spicing their game with more essentials can use their basketball bags to carry an iPod, headphones, some snacks, and a towel.

Knees and Elbow Pads

A basketball court is not like a football pitch. It’s made of hard laminated wood that can cause serious injuries to your joints if you happen to fall. Therefore, to keep you well protected against such injuries, knee and elbow pads are required.


Apart from these key essentials we’ve mentioned in this post, there are a few other you may consider such as protective goggles, a mouth guard, a timer, and a whistle.

So, with that said, whether you’re a professional or simply a starter who’s aspiring to become an expert, this post has offered you everything that’s required to make things easier for you when playing this precious game of basketball.

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