A French Teenager who Astonishes the NBA

The new and upcoming teen prodigy scored his team the first points in a match just after 54 seconds, then pumped his arms as he assisted the last score in the following game with a stunning pass that traveled nearly the length of the court. This of course is Vicor Wembanyama a French 18-year-old wonder child who is widely expected to become the next big star of the NBA.

Many veterans and experts including former prime minister Lionel Jospin, coincidentally called the club’s president to ask for a ticket. The prime minister watched as Wembanyama score 17 points on  7-of-10 shooting for Paris-based Metropolitans 92 in an 11-88 win against Blois, where he played a big role. Wembanyama also went 2 for 3 from 3-point range with seven rebounds and five blocks. Smiling after a clean alley-oop and dunk late into the game, the 7-foot-3 prodigy went on to make the roar of the night when he made a deep 3. Making the few last minutes of the game look effortless yet ruthless with his plays with the entrance fee for the entire crowd.

What will come of Webanyamas Staredom?

Webanyama is set to become the top NBA draft prospect in the modern history of the game and that carries a lot of implications and life-changing circumstances. With his newfound fame, the French big man is the front-runner to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. This would change his life in many ways most prominently with a more luxurious and lavish lifestyle. As well as access to the best training and health equipment used by legends like Lebron James.

But this can also mean that the young prodigy may dwell in a hobby that many celebrities and people love to participate in, that being gambling. He could join the likes of Drage and gamble in his days off. Of course, whatever team he eventually joins will be sure to have a great season generously affecting the odds of it. So make sure to keep up to date and read the complete fantasy sports betting guide before placing any bets in the following season.

What could stop Victor Wembanyama?

For Victor Wembanyama to reach the top of the league in one of the most popular sports in the world he will have to remain injury free. This makes it so that he will need to keep a close eye on his body to ensure its durability. Many top-tier athletes invest a lot of money into their bodies, be this through expensive physical therapy to eating proper and healthy food. Even if these investments are large they are definitely worth it and there is no better example than the NBA legend Lebron James.

But it is important to mention Wembanyama’s only downside, that being his injury history and health. The young boy has had times when he struggled to stay on the court in his young career. Suffering a variety of injuries over the last few years that have to be at least a little concerning to any team interested to pick him up near the top of next year’s draft. Webanyama was supposed to make his big debut for the French national team in the Euro Basket tournament alongside NBA his colleagues Rudy Gobertm Evan Fournier and many others. But sadly he isn’t still healthy enough to play and will miss out on EuroBasket, with talks of a return with his new team the Boulonge-Levallois for the 2022-2023 season. If Wembanyama could resolve his health issues he is sure to skyrocket to the top of the NBA as possibly one of the best players ever.