A Travel Guide for Sports Enthusiasts: 10 Things to Do in Qatar

Qatar is the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts all year round because of its pleasant climate and diverse landscape.

Whether you are looking for adrenaline-rush-filled activities like dune bashing and rock climbing or leisurely fun things to do like sailing or shopping at sports shops in Qatar, there is a long list of activities to look forward to.

Here are ten adventures to try on your next Qatar trip.

1. Dune bashing

If you want to have a first-hand experience in the country’s exceptional desert landscapes, go dune bashing. This is popular among tourists and natives for a reason – it gives you the goosebumps and thrills of adventures in Doha.

You can either ride a 4×4 vehicle driven by an experienced driver who will take you to the ups and downs of the sandy waves or drive a dune buggy to discover the desert’s unique beauty.

2. Rock climbing

Qatar has some of the world’s most stunning rock formations that are ideal for rock climbing. One of which is in Bir Zekreet in the west coast. This is home to rock formations that attract thousands of climbers each year and adventure attractions near Doha.

But if you prefer to put your other skills to the test, the Outdoor Leisure Trail in Doha Festival City is a great option. Apart from rock climbing, this trail also features a Pump Track, Mist Tunnel, Grade Reversals, Wedges, Berms, Drop Offs.

It even has a running track with several exercise stations along the route and different surfaces with built-in obstacles for mountain bikers. Generally, this trail is designed with fitness and fun in mind.

3. Skydiving

If you admire the adventures of life, skydiving must be on your bucket list. Luckily, Qatar has it for you. This country is known for its unique skydiving adventures and has an admirable track record in terms of successful dives.

If you are up for this thrilling adventure, professionals will teach you about the basics and safety measures before going on skydiving with them.

What makes this activity even more enticing is that you’ll get to witness the beauty of Doha from the sky – from the gorgeous city to the vast desert in its surroundings.

4. Camel rides

Though you may encounter camels in other places, Qatar offers a more thrilling experience. You can enjoy a camel ride over the dunes or watch a camel race.

If you want to ride a camel to admire the landscape, the usual tour package includes:

  • Hotel transfers
  • A one-hour camel ride
  • Refreshments like tea and Arabian coffee

5. Quad biking

Quad biking is another attraction that can appeal to sports enthusiasts. It is pretty similar to dune bashing, but it is a bit under your control. You can take the quad bike wherever you want. Beginners can explore the plain areas, while professionals or adventure-seekers can take on the more challenging dunes.

6. Paragliding and sand skiing

Paragliding over the desert and skiing in smooth landscapes are among the things to look forward to when looking for Qatar’s desert adventures. Be mindful, though, of the country’s extreme temperatures as it can get too hot during the day.

7. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a must-do in Qatar because of its incredible marine life.

The Old Club Reef offers a unique scuba experience. This is a man-made attraction that has an ocean floor with submerged cars to boost the experience of divers. Expect to see some fishes and coral too.

Apart from going to the artificial reefs, you can have a diving experience in obscure diving sites like the Macadeen shipwreck, which you can only access through a chartered boat.

8. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a fusion of water skiing and snowboarding. If you are new to this sport, you will be glad to hear that it is easy to learn.

The best destinations for wakeboarding in Qatar are the Diplomatic Club and Qatar Water Sport. Both wakeboarding sites are recognized for this water adventure and designed to make your experience memorable.

9. Kitesurfing

Elevate your surfing adventure by riding the waves and winds at greater speeds in shallow waters. Kitesurfing is an adventure that runs in Qatar from January to June each year, just like skydiving.

There is no better place to experience kitesurfing than in Fuwairit – a short drive from Doha. This place offers the best conditions to enjoy this water sport – an enclosed bay with shallow waters.

Other notable sites of kitesurfing include Sumaysimah, Al Mafjar, and Al Aaliya Island.

10. Shopping

Shopping is another activity a sports enthusiast should not miss when visiting Doha . So make sure to head to Doha Festival City.

Doha Festival City is the most preferred destination for shopping and entertainment in Qatar. This is an incomparable mall that brought some of the firsts to Doha. It also offers something for people of all ages.

Doha Festival City is home to some of the world’s best sportswear brands, including Adidas, Nike, Puma, Skechers, Under Armour, and The Athletes Co. It also houses famous eyewear brands like Grand Optics, Solaris, Vision Express, and Rivoli Eyezone.

Moreover, this mall offers world-class entertainment and a unique combination of indoor and outdoor attractions. These include the Outdoor Leisure Trail, VOX 4D cinema complex, and theme parks.

Here’s more about the three entertainment parks:

  • Snow Dunes – This is the first indoor snow park in Qatar that features an Arabian-style castle set in the past. It employs the latest snow-production technology to produce snow similar to the one in nature at -4°C. This park also offers different rides and attractions suitable for young sports enthusiasts, such as carousels, slopes, and super fun slides.
  • Angry Bird – This theme park offers more than 20 thrilling rides for all ages. It will take you into the enraging adventure of the furious flock of birds.
  • Virtuocity – This is the first dedicated digital gaming capital in the region. It fuses the real world with the virtual world in a competitive, thrilling environment. It is equipped with escape rooms, racing simulators, and a multipurpose eSports arena.

Qatar offers a lot more than your typical trip. It does not just boast structural marvels and historical sites but also adrenaline-rush activities and a shopping experience that you should not miss.

Whether you are thinking of rock climbing, watersports, desert escapades, or one-of-a-kind adventures, Qatar has everything you can ever ask for.

Author Bio

Hisham Elzubeir is the Marketing Manager at Doha Festival City, the largest entertainment, fashion, dining and shopping destination in Qatar. The mall has more than 400 international and local brands, including some of the most anticipated names, many of which made their Qatar debut, such as Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, Dior Beauty Boutique, ACE and IKEA. Hisham brings over 15 years of international expertise to the communications team at Doha Festival City.