Adidas Alphabounce

The Adidas Alphabounce is a running shoe that first launched in 2016. Since then, it has released a handful of colorways. This 2018 Adidas released the latest iteration “Instinct,” available in a couple of colorways: the Black/Pink Blast/Signal Blue and the Shock Lime/Aero Green/High-Res Orange, both of which were released last June but on separate dates.

Adidas, as expected, has called the Alphabounce as a “high-performance” running shoe. More than what just the company claims, it indeed has proven time and again that it is more than just a running shoe; its versatile functions can also adapt to other different types of athletes. In terms of aesthetic factor, the shoe looks good enough to be worn as part of a casual or street attire.

You won’t believe that the price range of most Alphabounce plays a little over $100, as it is made of high-grade materials that at first you’d think that it is a premium pair of sneakers. Since this is basically designed as a running shoe, it is only proper to say that it should be made of soft, pliable but durable materials. And so, Adidas used the one-piece FORGEDMESH fabric for the upper that is comfortable but also durable. With the FORGEDMESH fabric, the Adidas Alphabounce will also be able to accommodate to the natural shape of the foot; it can expand so that your foot won’t feel tight or restricting. This will result to a significant amount of comfort and mobility to athletes whether they are on the running track or on the hard court.

Like in previous iterations, the latest Adidas Alphabounce Instinct is equipped with the full-length Bounce in the midsole, which provides flexible and responsive cushioning compared to the standard foam found in most sneakers on the market. The soft core located in the firm outsole provides the Alphabounce’s cushioning softness, but it’s not too soft that it would otherwise become too squishy. With this cushioning set-up, you’ll feel that the softness is very centered (instead of spread throughout). When under pressure, the elements of the Bounce technology only stretches, and the Bounce springs back to its normal shape when the pressure is removed

The Adidas Alphabounce fits true to size. It comes with sizes that follow the standard shoe measurements for both male and female feet. The shoe has a medium width, so it can accommodate people with medium-sized feet. The shape is fairly curved – not too low or not too high – that can conform to the natural shape of the foot. If you are suffering from flat feet or plantar fasciitis, the Alphabounce is a good choice.

As for the outsole, the Adidas Alphabounce uses a one-piece Continental rubber which provides a very good traction. It has got a nice grip on any types of flooring or terrain (again, it is basically a running shoe), which makes it ideal for athletes who tend to make quick changes in direction.

Overall, the Adidas Alphabounce is a strong performer, considering the price range. The versatility of this shoe cannot be denied. For athletes looking for a good pair of sneakers for their cross-trainings or people who just love great-looking shoes, the Adidas Alphabounce should be it.

Adidas Alphabounce “Instinct”

Release dates: June 1 and June 9, 2018
Colors: Black/Pink Blast/Signal Blue and Shock Lime/Aero Green/High-Res Orange
Style codes: AQ0562 and CG5515