adidas D Lillard 2: All the MATERIAL DIFFERENCES

When the original D Lillard 2.0 hit the shelves, people couldn’t believe how amazing it performed on the court. I think with all these different versions out, it’s really really worth a closer look because people will get confused. So let’s go ahead and break down the four editions of the adidas D Lillard 2.0.

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So, we’ll take a look at the shoe’s appearance and compare all the editions. Then we’ll talk about those new upper materials, are they’re worth another buy and lastly, see which edition suits YOU best.


So as you can see, only the upper materials have changed and nothing really else.

The other major change is the BOOST cushioning on the Primeknit version instead of the regular BOUNCE. I gotta say it isn’t as awesome as BOUNCE for some reason, even though it was intended to be the opposite.

Again, if you want to know how the Lillard 2 jacquard performs, go check out my full review of them.


The original D Lillard 2.0 has a jacquard upper. That’s an amazing material that truly shined on the shoe. It’s a true hybrid between durability and performance. It’s light and unrestrictive, but also supportive and doesn’t stretch too much.

An awesome setup if you ask me. Normal soft uppers are pretty soft and loose, but this one features the TECHFIT technology which makes it a lot more durable and supportive.

Then a couple of colorways released with a synthetic leather upper. This is the most supportive, durable and heaviest upper out of all four. You could play with these outdoors and on top of that, the Continental Rubber outsole on these makes them more than great outdoors.

This upper will not stretch at all, so people with the need of good support and lockdown will like this. There will be a moderate amount of ventilation. Leather is also quite easy to clean if you do that sorta thing.

The D Lillard 2.0 Primeknit has, obviously, a Primeknit upper. It’s a popular upper amongst adidas’s sneakers, so why not release it for this shoe? So this is basically a very soft, light, breathable and flexible upper. It’s by all means not a hybrid and will fit mostly quick guards who can’t afford restrictions. It’s not very durable, nor supportive. This is definitely not an option for outdoor players. Basically, if you want zero restrictions, lightness and comfort, this one’s for you.

On top of that, remember that this version has BOOST cushioning. It will be slightly more responsive, but a bit firmer than the other versions. It’s the most expensive one though.

Lastly, a brand new edition called adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static released not long ago. It’s a tightly knitted upper, I don’t even know if it has a specific name. It’s the most similar to Primeknit, but this one is actually more sturdy and more supportive than Primeknit. Stretch/flexibility is minimal, but still a small bit better than synthetic leather.

This is a really good option to try out, because it looks extremely promising, just like the original Rip City colorway (with the jacquard upper). It’s very soft and light, but the knit is dense and tightly made, so it doesn’t stretch and provides a pretty good amount of support. Regarding durability, I’m not exactly sure, but just like all soft uppers, don’t expect it to last as long as leather.


So now you know all about the four editions of the shoe. But should you get any of them? I think if you read my initial review, you probably already know, so it’s not worth repeating. It’s a monster of a shoe, it’s cheap and fits all guards or even slightly bigger players.

To sum up the whole edition thing, this is what edition of the shoe you should pick up:

Go with the jacquard version if you want a balance between support and mobility.

Go with the synthetic leather version if you want maximum support and durability.

Go with the Primeknit version if you want no restrictions, maximum ventilation and lightness. Remember that this one has BOOST cushioning.

Go with the ‘Static‘ version if you want support, but still need comfort and mobility. Basically a hybrid of a hybrid.

The variety right now is pretty damn huge and this would really be the perfect time to pick up the shoe. The performance is awesome and you got 4 variations to better suit your playing style.

That’s a wrap for the adidas D Lillard 2 and its variations! I really hope you found this helpful.