Air Jordan Superfly 4 Review | A New Innovation

Aged or not, these shoes still perform great and compete with the very latest releases. Let’s see how it holds up in this Air Jordan Superfly 4 review. We will be looking at its appearance, featured technology, performance & comfort aspects and decide if it’s worth the price.


Having a lot of smilarities to the Super.Fly 3, these are just as simple, smooth and bulky-looking. Those who don’t prefer all these modern fancy, bombed out styles will like this one.

Some time has passed after its release, so the variety of colors is huge. You’ll find about 15-20 different variations of simple color combos.

At first glance, the build quality looks relatively high-quality, which it is. More on that later.


There is a ZOOM AIR cushioning unit in the forefoot section, but none in the heel area. That’s Jordan’s standard setup in these recent shoes, as the forefoot section feels amazing, whereas the heel contains responsive Phylon foam. Just the same as in the Air Jordan XX9’s, it’s not particulalry a bad thing, especially if you’re playing on your forefoot more or just rocking them casually.

FlightSpeed is their relatively new innovation which is that red bridge between the forefoot and heel areas. It works just as intended providing smooth trasition and enhanced ZOOM AIR cushioning.


This cushioning system has had very mixed opinions recently. The biggest dissapointment is the lack of a ZOOM AIR unit in the heel, instead it’s replaced by some responsive foam. Like I mentioned in my XX9 review, that’s not too bad, as it also depends on your footwork and playstyle. The foam that’s in the heel is pretty responsive for FOAM, so don’t expect it to be as bad as a chunk of wood suffed in your heel.

One thing worth mentioning, to get the maximum potential of the shoe’s cushioning, it needs to be used for a couple of days before reaching it’s full performance level. It may feel a little weird or rough at the start, but be willing to give it time and it will perform great.

Thanks to the FlightSpeed bridge, the transition and smoothness of each step will feel very well and light and will also help the ZOOM AIR unit unlock it’s full power.

Traction is one of it’s best aspects – it really grips the floor well. The thing with the traction pattern of this shoe is it’s rubber is really soft, but extremely ‘sticky’. That makes it perform extremely well indoors holding every movement like it has glue on it’s outsole. I would question it’s ability to perform outdoors just because the rubber is pretty soft and would probably get destroyed after a couple of games. You’ll be completely fine casually walking with these though.

Support is plenty for a shoe with not a lot of features. There is an external heel counter which is made of plastic but does the job containing the heel perfectly. The FlightSpeed bridge prevents the shoes from bending in it’s mid section. Lastly, the shoe’s tight and great lockdown fit mostly provides good support and stability, making it flexible enough, but no too flexible to be unsupportive.

This time the upper material is mainly mesh with Fuse (a strong, plasticy material that keeps mesh from deforming). In my opinion, that’s great for making the shoe’s soft upper be a bit more tight and stronger for enhanced durability. That makes the balance between softness and durability almost perfect.

Comfort is absolutely not lack-luster in the Superfly 4. It is more of a tight, locked-in type of fit rather than soft and loose. Thanks to it’s great laces and materials, this is a REALLY comfortable shoe. Personally, I prefer something a bit more softer, but that’s just my preference. Generally, you should not be afraid of the tightness as it’s made in a really right and subtle way.

Air Jordan Superfly 4: FINAL VERDICT

Huge color selection, good durability, excellent traction, awesome support and sheer comfort – that makes the shoe one of the top performers of 2015 or any other year. It has all the potential you need for a stable selection wheter on court or off.

It has a few scratches to its name like a bit of a lackluster cushioning, but nothing to trash its name. If you’re looking for Jordans and like the look, grab them without question – I don’t think you’ll regret it.


  • Superb traction with a sticky rubber pattern

  • Smart and flexible support features

  • Breathable mesh upper with enhanced durability

  • A great aerodynamic fit


  • No ZOOM AIR cushioning in the heel

  • Will not last long outdoors

Had a lot of fun doing this Air Jordan Superfly 4 review, hopefully you enjoyed it and found it useful.