Best ADIDAS Basketball Shoes : The Brand is OWNING Right Now

So after a killer year that has been for Adidas,  seems to be continuing on that route. There are so many excellent performance hoop shoes from them lately. Since their arsenal has updated, here are the personal best Adidas basketball shoes released .

Five shoes that offer tech, a great fit, balanced performance and quality materials. Here are the best adidas basketball shoes!

1) Adidas Harden Vol. 3

The Adidas Harden Vol. 3 is touted to have the performance to match NBA’s league MVP James Harden’s skills. Well, in fact, Harden had a hands-on involvement on the development and design of the shoe, which he based on his own unique playing style.

The shoe has a somewhat design, which may detract you from discovering the its real worth on the hard court. Overall, it’s a great and amazing performing shoe. It has an excellent Boost cushioning – while it’s not as thick as the Boost of previous Harden’s, but it is enough to keep you low to the ground as you prepare yourself for a take-off. The traction is outstanding, as well. This shoe is ideal to players taking various positions on the court.

2. Adidas Explosive Bounce

The Adidas Explosive Bounce is one of the highest-rating Adidas shoes among nearly all customers, who even actively recommend it. They give the shoe plus points for comfort, perfect fit and excellent traction. The enhanced comfort and feel come from the Bounce cushioning which also provides outstanding flexibility. Users have also noted how lightweight this shoe is.

3. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Lace

First of all, Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Lac’s MVP colorway is irresistible, you cannot help but notice it. Despite that, it has otherwise a subtle-enough combination of colors that makes this shoe still wearable on the hard court or outside the streets.

The knitted upper makes this shoe ultra-light. The Boost cushioning in the midsole provides protection from impact; it even returns that impact to your feet in the form of energy, giving you the extra drive that you need when you’re making those crucial moves on the hard court.

4. Adidas Men’s Pro Spark 

The Adidas Men’s Pro Spark shoe aces high satisfaction among customers for its durability, support and comfort that it promises to provide. The upper is made of breathable textile that offers flexibility and ventilation without compromising durability. According to most users, the Adidas shoes fit true to size. The Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole provides responsive energy which allows you to prepare for higher jumps with ease. As for the outsole, the textured traction allows maximum grip on the hard court.

5. Adidas Pro Bounce  Low

For basketball players who tend to make quick and sudden directional changes on the hard court as part of their own playing style and strategy, the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low should be the ideal shoe for them. The shoe’s Bounce technology embedded in the midsole provides maximum protection not just to the feet, but also to the legs, from fatigue and stress.

The shoe’s upper is constructed with two technologies – the Forgefiber and Geofit – both of which offer maximum support, comfort and durability.