Best Horse Movies Of All Time

Movies have ways to touch our lives. They delve into our memories and unearth our repressed emotions and desires. The protagonist may be someone whose physical attributes and personality differ from us viewers, but the protagonist’s situation makes us connect with them.

The movie may not represent us through the protagonist, but the film may represent us through the movie’s plot. There are several movies produced where the protagonist is not even human. There are movies where the protagonist is a robot, a dog, and even a horse.

How do we connect with movies where the protagonist is not human? These movies where the protagonists are not humans have themes such as success, renewed relationships, self-love, and empowerment. These themes are the ones that bind us with these kinds of movies.

Here are some of the best horse movies of all time that would touch your hearts and minds:


Dreamer was produced in 2005. Dreamer is the English translation of the mare’s name, Sonya or Soñador. Dreamer is an old mare in a horse barn that has been empty for years. Since the owners can no longer afford to keep Sonya, they have decided to put her down. The barn caretaker decides to take Sonya in exchange for the three-month worth of salary that the barn owners were unable to pay him.

Since Sonya has an injured leg, the caretaker’s daughter tended to her wounds. The love and care for Sonya rebuilt the broken bond between father and child. As Sonya regained her strength, she was given another chance to race again, and she won.

The story may be a cliché, but this movie is based on a true story. The real story is of Mariah Storm, a racehorse who won the 1995 Turfway Breeder’s Cup.

Overcoming obstacles, rising above your situation, and particularly taking care of our pet horses are also human experiences. Therefore, I can personally say that this is the best horse movie of all time.


Buck was released in 2011. Buck is another horse movie based on a true-to-life story about the horse whisperer – Buck Brannaman. Buck was abused throughout his childhood. From the abuses that he received from his youth, he tried to change the cycle of abuse by being the one to represent individuals who cannot speak for themselves – horses.

He helps owners and horses to forge a bond together that would, later on, result in training horses. And as he received so much pain when he was young, he does not want these innocent creatures to experience the same maltreatment.

Buck taught people to train their horses more humanely and kindly. He also led the path to a more incredible bond between horse owners and their horses. 

To overcome your past and to break the cycle of abuse, to be gentle and kind despite the pain that you have experienced is a human emotion and desire for most people who cradle so much pain from their past.  


This movie is one that you can watch with your children or any young ones. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was released last 2002 by DreamWorks Animation. As it is produced by DreamWorks, you might have expected it to be a movie about talking horses matched with singing and magic.

One of the great features of this movie is that it is not about the talking horses; instead, the horses communicate with people through sounds and body language like how it is in real life.

The story is about a young wild horse and a leader of his herd, Spirit. He was captured by wranglers and was sold as a racing horse. The colonel, who “owned” Spirit, tried to tame him in many cruel ways. But, as the cruel training continues, Spirit did not give up on the hope that one day, he will return home.

Spirit tried to resist. During these dark times, a young native American child tried to approach Spirit. It was not easy but the child as he was also a prisoner, but he was persistent, and in the end, they created a bond of friendship.

To be free is a human desire that we would do anything to achieve.

These horse movies offer us insights and visual representations on taking care of our horses, knowing the proper accessories for riding, and some tips on riding horses on challenging terrains.

Movies are the reflection of our souls, our emotions, and our desires. To be able to see these things on a big screen refreshes our thoughts and rekindles our souls. Human thoughts, desires, and circumstances are shared by many. To see how people or other beings overcome these circumstances and resolve these emotions give us hope that we, too, can overcome our situation.