Bowling Tips for Beginners

The easier this particular sport seems, the harder bowling actually is. It takes years of perseverance and continuous practice to be a moderately skilled bowler. Sounds scary? Well, don’t worry! If you’re new to bowling, you have nothing to lose. Just learn some basic tricks and tips of bowling and prepare yourself to have the best kinda fun with your friends. Check out the link to find out why bowling is a very popular sport for competitive socialising 

If you have literally no knowledge about bowling, fear not, we’ve all been there once. All you need are some proper equipment, a high-quality custom bowling shirt, good physical condition, and a determination of being better with time. 

  1. Bowling Ball: First and foremost, you need a bowling ball. Whether you’re choosing one from the bowling center or buying a new one for yourself, make sure it feels comfortable in your hand. There are some versatile bowling balls that are suitable for beginners to professional bowlers. But you don’t have to go for those at the very beginning. To find the most suitable one for yourself, try the lighter balls first and then slowly move to heavier balls.
  2. Bowling Shoes: Bowling ball and shoes are the two main things you can’t play bowling without. Bowling shoes are mandatory because, regular running or casual ones can hamper the bowling lane condition, which is why you need a pair of nice and comfortable bowling shoes. You can also pick one from the bowling center or buy a pair of your own if you plan to play regularly. Don’t forget to check if the shoes are left-handed, or right-handed, or universal ones.
  3. Being Physically Ready: After you have your bowling ball and shoes, don’t jump on the lanes to throw the ball. Do some warm-up exercise before playing. Stretch your arms and legs to prepare your muscle for the upcoming muscle tensions. This will keep you free from any injury.
  4. Proper Stance: When you’re standing and preparing yourself for the approach and followed by release, you need to keep your body steady and straight. Support your bowling hand with the other hand if needed. For beginners, we advise you to wear wrist support to prevent any sorts of forearm or wrist injury- which is more common than you think.
  5. Study your Approach: After you point-out your target, time for the approach. And, during approach timing is everything. Of course, your first shot won’t be perfect. You’ll probably step on the foul line or release the ball too early or too late. We advise you to do it several times until you have an idea of what and how to approach to release the ball on the lanes. Check how you’re taking each step and how far your feet are from each other. These smallest details are everything.
  6. Relaxed Arm Swing: You may think as a beginner that if you release the ball with high speed and maximum force, you’ll get a strike. Wrong! The key to a successful ball release is keeping your arm swing relaxed and not overuse your muscle. While gripping the ball tightly, let the ball drop with help of gravity and let the ball swing your arm to your shoulder level, and then prepare to release the ball.
  7. Timely Release: After a perfect stance, aim, and approach, time to free the ball from your hand. Just bend your knee sufficiently. Release the ball exactly when you think it has reached the closest to the floor. Focus on the target instead of the pins. 
  8. Practice: Once you’re convinced you’ve adapted all of these steps thoroughly, start practicing. The fun in bowling ball only begins when you can actually knock down some pins. So whether you’re playing alone or with your friends, we suggest you practice with patience.

If you can follow the steps properly your bowling ball will roll down the lane and hit the pins just fine. Acknowledge the scoring system, find your playing speed, and rev rate and soon you’ll be promoted from beginner to the next level. So, good luck and have fun!