Corduroy Hat Wearing Tips for Beginners

One thing is a fact: Americans are not in the habit of wearing hats. Perhaps it is some cultural motive; in the 1920s, it was common, and, over time, it became like grandma. However, we cannot deny that fashion arrived shy maybe two years ago and has been gaining strength every summer. In coastal cities, they are seen more often, in the others, not so much.

Today, women who wear hats are considered more daring when it comes to the look. This is still true; including this accessory in production is a guarantee of success. Or are you going to say that a woman walking, for example, in the center of some city, does not attract attention? In many cases, the Corduroy Hat makes the look so different than the woman is powerful. Let’s see some Corduroy Hat wearing tips for beginners.

Is it formal or not?

Nowadays, people, especially the younger ones, have incorporated the hat in an urban and informal style. That said, the first tip for wearing the hat is: see it as your style ally. Don’t be afraid to use the piece because you think it doesn’t suit you. It is not the hat that wears the person; it is the person who wears the hat.

Discover your Style

There are several hat models (Panama, Fedora, Coco, Floppy, Pork Pie, Country, Cloche, corduroy) – of different sizes, fabrics, and textures. Colors also vary widely. When looking for a hat, carefully analyze the models and choose the one that most reflects who you are. If you are in doubt about the color, it serves that maxim: black goes with everything.

Analyze your Face

If you have a small face and use a Fedora, for example, you risk being overshadowed by the piece. Similarly, if you have an extensive look and use a Coco model, the chances of making a mistake are high. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try several hat models before choosing, always paying attention to whether you are wearing the piece or if it is she who is wearing you. A hat needs to highlight your face, not overshadow it. This is a valuable tip on how to wear a hat daily.

Pay attention to the Place of Use

For many decades wearing a hat indoors was considered synonymous with disrespect. With the reframing of the use of the piece, this is no longer a rule, but common sense is in order. There is no use trying to create a look with the use of a hat to go to work if your company does not allow such a thing. The purpose of the piece in environments such as restaurants, cinemas, and theaters may also not be the right choice, especially if the hat model is significant.

Use What Makes You Good

If hats today are synonymous with style, much of this is because people wear the piece because it says something about them. The best possible tip on how to wear a hat on a daily basis is: let the hat model you choose to wear say something about you, something you want to be said. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the hat in your life, it can be a great ally in the search for a unique style that defines you.