Curry One Low REVIEW: My Fresh Take in 2016!

Yes, the Curry Two Low is already out, I know. But just to complete the full series, I will give you my Under Armour Curry One Low review in 2016. Maybe you want the first one instead? After all, it’s a bit cheaper than the 2nd, so it could be a great bang for your buck.

As usual, we’ll be taking a look at the appearance, technology, performance, comfort and price aspects. There will be some slight comparisons to the Curry Two. Pricing and best places to buy from will be listed at the end of the review.

Cool? Alright, let’s start.

Here’s my Curry Two Mid review, if you’re more into mid tops. Compare the reviews and see which one suits you better!


Shoes: Under Armour Curry One Low |  best for: Any Guards, Shooters

Weight: 360 g. / 12.7 oz

Type: Low Top Sneaker

Technologies: Charged, AnaFoam

Fit: True To Size

My Rating: 9/10


  •  AnaFoam upper

  •  External plastic heel counter

  •  Multi-directional herringbone traction pattern

  •  Available in 3+ colorways


So the Curry One Low looks excatly like the mid-top Curry One, apart from the ankle collar, obviously. It’s a slick design in my opinion, so I think rocking these casually would be fine. Without further ado, let’s compare how the Curry One Low and Curry Two Low looks:

Yeah, they’re pretty damn similar with a couple of differences. The shape of the outsole is a bit more rounded on the Curry One Low. Other than that, they have a lot in common. The Curry One Low doesn’t have too many colorways, but there are a couple yet to be released.


Charged is the cushioning technology used throughout the whole midsole. Feels pretty much just like most Under Armour’s Charged shoes. However, this model is a bit more plushy and on the softer side, I think.

AnaFoam is the upper material of the sneaker. It’s not your traditional textile or leather, or Fuse. This is literally foam which blends to one’s foot perfectly. This is truly awesome. I mean seriously, more shoes could use something as unusual as this. It works really well, but more on that in the Performance & Comfort Section.

Not too much going on here, but it works. There’s no need to put extra tech to a shoe that already performs well. And also, you’re saving money because of that.

Check out my Shoe Tech page if you want to know what all this tech means in a very easy to understand manner.



Let’s start off with comfort. It all starts there, if the shoe isn’t comfortable, performance and all the features don’t matter. So the Curry One Low is definitely a shoe that feels pleasant to play in. There’s a good amount of padding inside, along with that awesome mesh tongue. Also, the whole sock-liner of the shoe is made from ortholite. And ortholite has cushion in itself, so it feels nice and soft. And of course, that AnaFoam upper is literally foam, so it’s soft, comfortable and it pretty much adapts excatly to your foot’s shape.


Traction is just as great as in the Curry One Mid or even the Curry Two Mid/Low. Classic herrinbone traction pattern that works. The rubber on the outsole is pretty aggressive looking, but sadly, it’s soft so this isn’t much of an option for outdoors. But other than that, tractions is awesome and has zero problems both indoors and outdoors. Just don’t expect it to last long outdoors.


Cushioning is the aspect that’s probably the most surprising. The shoe uses Charged instead of the beloved MicroG, but it’s still great. Charged was meant to be more lighter and actually more sturdier that MicroG. In result, it was meant to provide more responsiveness and court feel. But on this shoe particurarly, I think it’s a bit softer and more springy than your regular Charged. If that’s a good thing, you decide yourself. All in all, no complaints in terms of cushioning.


Support is good for a low top. A lot of people should ditch the mindset of “low tops have bad support and because of that I’ll roll my ankle”. It’s simply not how it works, support comes from the shoe itself, the ankle collar just locks your ankle in if it’s a mid top/high top. So, support of the Curry 1 Low comes from that rock-hard external heel counter, superb AnaFoam upper fit and a very wide outsole base in the heel area. It’s PLENTY in terms of support, stability, lockdown and containment. Quick/low-profile guards will like these. Even more explosive/athletic guards could wear these because of the soft cushioning. One more note, some people are actually reporting heel slippage in their user reviews, so if that happens to you, make sure to lace them up tight and any problems should disappear.


Lastly, let’s talk about the materials of the shoe and are they good quality. Well, I already said that AnaFoam upper feels amazing, but is it durable? You know what, I have NO IDEA. Just being honest, this is something you don’t see very often these days. From my perspective, the shoe should be very durable simply because foam is not mesh or woven, it’s not going to peel off. So expect a good runtime of the shoe. There some areas with textile for ventilation.


I didn’t mention a single major flaw or a dealbreaker for this shoe. Seriously, that should mean something already. I honestly didn’t really find anything bad in this sneaker, it performs well in all aspects. If I must to compare, it’s probably not THE best option in the market, but having a good all-around guard’s shoe will help you.

Comfortable, great traction, awesome balanced cushioning, cool & durable AnaFoam upper and solid support. The only misses are that it’s not a good outdoor option and there’s some heel slippage if you don’t lace them up real tight.

Alright, that’s a wrap for the Curry One Low review. I say this is well worth the money.


  • Responive as well as bouncy Charged cushioning

  • Super comfortable and adaptable AnaFoam upper

  • Great traction

  • Plenty of support


  • Rubber on the outsole is weak, so no outdoor capabilities

  • Minor heel slippage, a tight fit is required

Hope you found this Curry One Low review useful! I’ve tried my best to inform you about the shoe and help you decide.