Fun Games To Play Turning Halftime of a Football Game

Football games are surely fun, especially when the whole family watches them. American Football is surely the most popular sport all over America and in many other countries too. However, one thing that bothers many is what to do during halftime because these are times when you have nothing to do. You can’t go out because the football game halftime isn’t that long. Therefore, you can try the following games to play during the halftime of a football game. These are also the best online Sports slots that we can recommend. 

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Fun Games To Play Turning Halftime of a Football Game

Football Trivia

Trivia games are always fun. Not just that, but they are also very informative. Since you would be playing during the halftime of a football game, football trivia would be perfect. Prepare these questions in advance. Then during halftime, divide your group into teams depending on the number of people you have with you. You can play the game individually, however, it wouldn’t be as fun. 

Likely, a person won’t know the answer most of the time but in a team, different people could contribute their answers. This would keep it exciting. You can ask questions about the history of football, previous famous teams, and players. Countless football players are well-known in the world. You can ask about their iconic goals or their best matches. 

Football Hot Potato

This game promises a lot of fun for children and adults alike. Unlike football trivia, this game isn’t focused only on football fans either. The game caters to everybody, and this makes it all the more fun. It is an extremely thrilling game to play at halftime of football matches. 

You can simply pass a football around while the music plays. Another good option is to use the commercials in between the game. Either way, when the commercial or music stops, the person holding the football is eliminated. This continues until only one person is left standing. The person that is left, wins. 

You can have cash prizes or a gift for the winner. A football as a gift would be perfect. The best part about the game is that you don’t need to form teams to play it. You don’t need any extra equipment either. Unlike trivia, you need not work hard and prepare questions beforehand. All you need is a football you can pass.

Another thing the game offers is excitement. As the game proceeds and players get eliminated, the speed of the game increases. This creates a thrilling atmosphere. By the time the last two people compete, the air is charged with energy. 


Cornhole is a very famous game at super bowl parties. Little bags are tossed on an elevated board with a hole at one end. Cornhole bags were originally filled with 16 ounces of corn kernels each. This gave the game its name. Today, however, the bags come filled with resin or other such materials. 

You can play with 2 to 4 bags, depending on the number of players. All of the bags should be different in color or have some other distinctive feature.  The board the game is played on, is 2 feet, by 4 feet. 

A game of cornhole is divided into 2 innings. During an inning, the players throw the bags 4 times.  They alternate teams after every throw. If the players have formed teams of two, each player throws the bag two times only. 

There are two pitchers boxes made beside the board. The player must stand in either of these boxes throughout the game. If the game is played by single players, the players have to play from both the left and right pitcher’s boxes. This is because the player has to move to the opposite end after every throw to retrieve their bag. The players are not allowed to play from the same pitcher’s box twice. 

Pitching in a game of cornhole has its own set of rules. Once the pitcher steps inside the box, the timer starts. You are allowed to take 20 seconds to throw the bag. You cannot step outside the box, or over the foul line when you are pitching. 

When you are pitching, your foot cannot touch the board, or come in front of it until the bag has left your hand. If it does, the point does not count. The pitcher that scores in the previous innings, gets to throw first in the next innings. 

The players toss the bag on the cornhole board one by one. If your bag goes through the hole, you get 3 points. If your bag doesn’t go through the hole, but still lands on the board, you get 1 point. The game continues until a team, or player accumulates 21 points. All these rules make cornhole the most fun game to play during halftime of football matches. 

Do an Eating Game

Many people eat snacks during the game while others prefer to do so during the break. However, it is our recommendation to do the latter as you can play quite many games from that. Any eating game such as “Who Eats the Pie First” can be played and winners could be decided. Such a game gives the people extra thrill and excitement which keeps the energy of the room charged as always. 

However, make sure that you are careful while eating as choking is a significant risk too. Be sure to play in a friendly way and not be over-competitive as this can mess up things. Eating game winners could be given a free treat or the fact that they don’t share the bill of the food. Either way, it surely is one of the best fun games to play during halftime of a football game. 

Football Charades

Charades is always a fun game to play in gatherings, and with friends. Since you are playing at the halftime of a football match, football charade is the way to go. You can simply write phrases or actions on little pieces of paper. 

Then have the player pick out a random piece of paper. They have to act out whatever word or phrase is written on the paper. The rules are like normal charades. If the rest of the people guess it right, the player gets a point. Otherwise, the player gets zero. The team, or individual with the most points at the end wins. 

Another very similar game is Pictionary. Simply carry an erasable board with you. The difficulty level of the game depends on the players. If you have children with you, you can give them things like jerseys, stadiums, and such. The adults can be asked to draw out specific teams, players, and tournaments. 


There are plenty of fun games one can play during the halftime of a football game. Most of these games require you to prepare in advance which is why we recommend that you buy the items early. Keep the setup ready so that during a football game, you are not missing any kind of fun and during the breaks, you are not wasting any extra time.