Glass vs Plastic Shot Glasses

Are you starting a club or do you have some special occasion and you are wondering whether to go for glass made shot glasses or plastic ones? You need not to worry anymore. In this post we are going to look at the benefits of both of them and highlight a quick comparison of the two for you to be able to decide which one will work for you best. Let’s kick off with the benefits of plastic shot glasses

Benefits of Plastic Shot Glasses 

  • Lightweight – The most outstanding factor about plastic shot glasses is that they are lightweight. This makes them pretty easy to transport to your event when need be. 
  • Disposable – It really gets tedious when you have hundreds of glasses to clean after a wedding or a corporate event. Using disposable plastic shot glasses will enable you to clear the mess pretty quick by just disposing them off after the party. 
  • Anti-shatter – Once you purchase re-usable plastic shot glasses, you can use them for the longest time without any breakages. This factor also reduces the occurrence of accidental glass cuts during wild parties. 
  • Cost Friendly- In most instances, plastic shot glasses tend to be cheaper thus a great choice for anyone organizing a party under a tight budget. 

Benefits of Glass Shot Glasses 

  • Elegance – Glass shot glasses tend to have an impressive elegance that shows professionalism and sophistication. 
  • Design – Glass has a high design possibility. Shot glasses made from material that comes in different designs to suit varied tastes of different individuals. 
  • Environment Friendly – Being reusable, glass shot glasses can be termed as environment friendly since you are not likely to find a disposed glass around not unless it’s broken. 
  • Grip – Shot glasses made from glass provide a firm secure grip while holding a drink. 

Comparison between Glass Vs Plastic Shot Glasses 

  • Price – with glass being an expensive material compared to plastic, glass-made shot glasses are usually more expensive than the plastic ones. 
  • Environmental Pollution – you realize that in most outdoor parties people never get to dispose plastic shot glasses properly thus they are left lying around polluting the environment. This is unlike the glass shot glasses that are only disposed in case of breakage. 
  • Transportation – Generally, glass is heavier than plastic. Therefore,  plastic shot glasses are easier to transport to your event compared to the glass ones. 
  • Accidents – plastic shot glasses are the best option when you want to complete a party without accidents. On the other hand, with glass made shot glasses you won’t miss one or two shattered glasses once the party is over. This makes plastic shot glasses safer to use compared to the glass type. 
  • Disposal – gathering glass shot glasses, bargain balloons, decorations, etc. after the wedding party or any other event could be pretty tiresome compared to having disposable plastic ones that are disposed right after use. 

Final thoughts

There you go with the plastic shot glasses vs glass comparison. Get to know your budget and your occasion needs and pick the one that will suit you best. It is party hard!