History of Jordan Basketball Shoes

Some sports legends become so celebrated that, eventually, they create their own brands. This is the case with Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever. This Chicago Bulls shooting guard has reached almost all possible heights in the National Basketball Association league. He still remains the main character of many videos, films, songs, pieces of news dedicated to the topic. No wonder this athlete has put his soul into his own brand that specializes in selling popular sports shoes. In this article, we will briefly describe the history of Air Jordan as one of the greatest athletic shoe brands.

A Legend of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (MJ) is widely claimed to be the greatest athlete in basketball history. He spent 15 seasons in the NBA (13 of them with the Chicago Bulls, one of America’s most popular teams). During these seasons, MJ managed to win six titles and become the league’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) many times. For around 20 years (1984-2003), MJ was the living symbol of the NBA. Jordan’s fame was so great that he was the most paid player in the world for some time. He also appeared in various popular TV shows and even films. Later, the legendary sportsman managed to create his own brand- Air Jordan Shoes.

The Roots of the Brand

MJ became popular during his first NBA season. Nike, one of America’s biggest sports apparel companies, decided to take advantage of this athlete’s name. They released the first model of Jordan basketball shoes. It was a lucky strike for both sides. The design of a Jordan shoe became iconic almost instantly. Nike raised solid funds with their effort, which motivated the company to continue promoting basketball sneakers connected to MJ.

In 1986, Nike released the second version of Air Jordan sneaker basketball shoes. Although these shoes were not very lucky for the athlete (MJ got a serious injury in 1986), they still managed to become iconic. So, Nike Basketball continued to promote the legacy of Air Jordan 1. By 1999, there had already been 15 versions of Nike Air Jordan. And the Jordan brand became a separate and independent division of Nike. The success of a Jordan shoe design was so outstanding that the brand easily expanded all around the world.

An Exclusive Brand

Through the years, this famous Nike division has done some quality job to promote the Jordan brand. First of all, these guys managed to create one of the most memorable logos in the industry. It is a silhouette of MJ himself performing his trademark game move, namely a slam dunk. Secondly, Air Jordans provide sportswear and casual street-style clothing of premium quality. Nowadays, the company is an integral part of American culture with many notable street-style outfits. And, for sure, it also goes about references to a legendary athlete who remains one of America’s greatest celebrities even in 2022.

Other stories that attracted the attention of the public were connected to Michael Jordan’s passion for casinos. He was frequently seen in different land-based casinos, and was known to go on long-lasting gambling sprees both offline and online. You can even try to repeat his path. There exist special trustworthy online casinos which offer 150 free spins for $1 providing a lot of fun for a minimal deposit.

We shouldn’t also forget about various controversies that have also become valuable parts of the Jordans brand. For example, in 1989, a 15-year-old American schoolboy was choked to death by his peer who wanted to steal the victim’s pair of Jordan sneakers. This terrifying story contributed to the exclusive image of Air Jordans. Surely, there were also many more damaging brand controversies, such as scandals about terrible working conditions in Nike factories in Indonesia. These were the factories where many Jordan sneakers were manufactured. Still, all these stories help the brand of Nike Air Jordans remain in the public eye.

6 Rings Shoe

6 Rings Shoe

While being a popular casual wear brand, the Air Jordan company keeps paying tribute to its athletic roots. For example, in 2008, the brand released its notable 6 Rings collection. This item symbolizes all 6 National Association championship rings that MJ managed to win with the Chicago Bulls. It even includes references to the teams that were defeated in the finals. Surely, this limited-edition model of sneakers is a “hot property” for many collectors. Six Rings is a rare item that promotes the exclusive status of Air Jordans. And, for sure, a great selection of such items and practices also contributes to the promotion of the company’s exclusive status.

Sponsorship and Future Promises

By signing many sponsorship contracts, Jordans are gradually becoming something much bigger than a brand that releases Nike shoes. Jordans have a bright future, as they are the sole equipment provider for the University of Michigan American football team. Besides, the company cooperates with various football programs. Moreover, since 2018, the Jordan brand partners with a soccer club from France, namely Paris Saint-Germain. The logo of the brand appeared on the soccer team’s kits during the 2018-2019 season of the UEFA Champions League.


Air Jordan is one of the greatest athletic brands in the world. The point is in its notable history, which is densely tied to the figure of a legendary athlete. The company has moved far beyond developing traditional basketball wear. You may find running shoes and casual clothes in the catalog provided by this company. Multiple partnerships with athletic organizations from all around the world show that the Air Jordan company is going for the status of a full-fledged international clothing brand. The company’s promises are rather bright. We’re sure that a long and interesting history of Jordan basketball shoes still lies ahead.