How Should Badminton Shoes Fit?- A Complete Guide For Choosing The Right Badminton Shoes

One of the first things any badminton player needs to do when joining the sport, or even just playing on their own, is a pair of suitable badminton shoes. Experts will tell you that the right pair of shoes can make or break your game, and they’re right.

However, how should badminton shoes fit?

Badminton shoes should fit in a way they don’t hurt your feet or limit your movement. A shoe might feel tight when new, but it will expand and adjust over time. The best badminton shoes will provide comfort, stability, and support on the court, and if you have narrow feet, room to wiggle your toes.

Check out this guide from Shoe Ballistics to learn how badminton shoes should fit and what to look for in your next pair of shoes before your next badminton game.

How Should Badminton Shoes Fit?

The perfect pair of badminton shoes should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. For any sports shoe, the shoe needs to fit the feet exactly, so there is no chance for it to move around during playtime.

There are two different options for feet when it comes to badminton shoes; those with a narrow foot or those with a wide foot. If you have a wider foot, you will want to look for wider shoes to prevent discomfort.

So, how should badminton shoes fit? If you have a narrower foot, you will want a tighter-fitting shoe to get the best experience possible.

Either way, the shoe should be snug to your feet, or it can make your feet unstable while moving. Don’t buy badminton shoes, thinking you would overuse them and make them loose. The shoes have to fit well if you want to play like a pro. To be precise, there should be at least half an inch gap between your shoe and longest toe; not more than that.

Find the Right Shoe Measurement

A good way to find out what size shoe you need is by measuring your foot from heel to toe, then dividing that number by 2.5, and adding an inch.

Always measure your shoe size in centimeters because not every brand has the same size number. Take this measurement and go shopping!

Many renowned stores usually carry a variety of brands and sizes of badminton shoes, making it easy to find the right one for you.

Things to Consider While Choosing A Pair Of Badminton Shoes

Suppose you’ve decided that it’s time to buy some badminton shoes, but you have no idea how to choose the right pair. However, given that there are so many options out there in terms of brands, prices, and styles, it can be hard to choose the right pair that will fit your needs.

Here are some tips on finding badminton shoes that suit you and your needs as a player.

Proper Cushioning

Landing from a jump is so hard on your joints. So, a good pair of badminton shoes should have enough cushioning on their midsole to relieve your feet from all those impacts.

Moreover, you must have an optimum fit for a comfortable badminton playing experience.

Also, make sure that the cushioning is not too thick. Thicker cushioning in a sports shoe requires running and has chances of spraining your ankle during movements. Thin, comfortable, and soft cushioning is a good trait of a badminton shoe.

Less Grippy Outsole

Unlike running shoes, badminton shoes should not be too grippy to the surface. If the outsole grips the surface firmly, side movements will not be smooth while playing badminton. At worst, you may even twist and fall.

Lightweight or Not

Badminton shoes should not be heavy. Heavy shoes will weigh you down and make it difficult for you to maneuver across the court. Lightweight badminton shoes are essential if you’re looking for a speedy, agile game. An ideal weight range for badminton shoes is between 250 – 330 grams.

Most good pairs of badminton shoes will be lightweight, so don’t hesitate to look online or try on different brands in a store until you find a pair that feels right.

Ankle and Toe Support

An ideal badminton shoe should have its quarter support half an inch above your ankle bones. The heel of the shoe should fit snugly and firmly, while the shoe’s arch should feel supportive without being too tight.

The toes of the shoes shouldn’t be jammed together, but there shouldn’t be any unnecessary space either. If you have wide toes, ensure the shoe gap is enough to prevent overlapping of toes.

Lastly, make sure that you can easily wiggle your toes when wearing them – if not, they’re probably too small!

Best Badminton Shoes To Look At

In case you don’t know where to find a good pair of badminton shoes, we have prepared a list of a few of them. Have a look at it to know your badminton shoe better.

Product Pros Cons

KD Vector Badminton Tennis Shoes


●     Best for wide feet people

●     Cushioned footbed for greater comfort

●     Mesh upper layer makes the shoe breathable

●     Has size variations


●     These shoes are a bit heavy- almost half a kilogram.

YONEX Unisex-Adult Badminton Shoe


●     Has structured arch support

●     Sole thickness is perfect as it won’t disrupt balance

●     Has lace for custom fitting

●     Upper material is thick, which prevents feet from sliding when moving sideways playing badminton.


●     Pricey

YONEX Unisex-Adult Badminton Shoe


●     Can be worn by both men and women

●     Lightweight for easy movements

●     Mesh upper part for breathability

●     Has soft cushioning for comfort


●     Expensive pair of shoes

Womens Mens Lightweight Indoor Court Shoes


●     Lightweight and breathable

●     Inside is padded with a rich sponge to provide comfort to the feet

●     Durably made for long-lasting performance

●     The rubber sole has slight grip and provides ample flexibility while sporting.

●     Affordable


●     Doesn’t have a wide size selection

YONEX unisex-adult Badminton Shoes


●     Great color combination for unisex adults

●     Breathable mesh on the upper

●     Perfect 1-inch sole thickness means your ankles won’t sprain while playing

●     Has a wide range of size options (contact the seller)


●     Pricey

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Right Size Badminton Shoes

While choosing a badminton shoe might look like a breeze, it is not. You need to invest a bit of time looking out for the perfect size, comfort, shape, and much more. However, a few concerns may happen if you end up with the wrong size.

  • Badly fitting shoes will affect your ankle and knee posture. A right-sized shoe gives proper support to your ankles and knees and enables more stable movements during matches.
  • One thing to note- wearing too tight-fitting shoes can lead to blisters and calluses on your feet. Even if you wear socks, it may not help.
  • Of course, you want a snug fit for your shoes, but if there is too much extra room in any part of your shoe, it can pose problems, such as less-balancing your posture while moving.
  • Choosing larger shoes might make your ankles fall off the shoe edge while playing. If one or both of your heels hang over the edge of your shoes when you’re standing and walking around, it can cause instability and ultimately lead to ankle twisting.
  • If the toe box is too short, tight, or narrow, your toes will end up numb from lack of circulation!


Should I size up for badminton shoes?

You should size your badminton shoes half an inch up from your longest toe for a snug yet comfortable fit. It will ensure that the shoes are not too tight to the point that they strain your feet or is too loose, making your feet unstable while playing.

Are badminton shoes meant to be tight?

Any sports shoes, including badminton shoes, are intended to be tight or should have a snug fit to enable controlled and balanced movements. However, it should not be overly tight.

How do I choose a badminton shoe?

Choosing a badminton shoe depends on your foot type and your playing style. The most crucial factor is how the shoe feels on your feet. Your feet should be snug but not tight or constricted in the shoe.

Is Yonex badminton shoes true to size?

Yonex provides some of the high-quality and comfortable badminton shoes on the market. Well, their shoes are not true to size. You need to purchase a half-an-inch larger size than your actual sneaker size.

Final Thought

Maybe you knew what your preferred brand and style of badminton shoe is, but you needed help picking out the best fit for your specific foot size and shape. However, how should badminton shoes fit your feet?

Well, perfectly fitted shoes will be comfortable, stable, and, most importantly, provide balance and support on the court. They should never hurt your feet or cap your movement.

However, the new shoe may feel tight; in time, they will expand and adjust your feet.

Now you can emphasize the shoe size and other factors while picking one. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to go out on the court and dominate!