Ideas For Teaching Addition Skills

This article does not put forward any ideas to help students and children with regards to teaching of addition. They are simple techniques from experts, which children can use to help them learn adding in a faster way. 

Combining Groups of Physical Objects

Many students identify with this method as their primary learning tool when it comes to adding numbers. This process usually involves gathering a number of attractive objects, then counting how many they are in total. This method can be too demanding especially for children who have a hard time concentrating. Furthermore, it can be a lengthy process. This means that if your child does not fully understand this concept quickly, chances are they might not be able to make progress at all. 

Simple Drawings

Compared to the process above, this is a much easier and useful process. It involves writing out the problem on a sheet of paper. Then next to each number, draw the equivalent tallies. For instance, if the number is 4 draw 1111 tallies. Then ask the child or student how man y tallies they would need for another problem and have them count them down as they draw. When they finish, you can ask them to count how many tallies they have drawn overall.  This is a much faster and easier method of bringing two groups of people together. Furthermore, this method is almost free from mechanical error.  Unlike the first method, students who find it difficult to focus will thrive under the simple drawing technique.

Counting on this

This is a different technique which relies on the student’s ability to count or say numbers out loud.  This is a great progression exercise. When your child or student has gained enough knowledge with regards to counting, you can start by asking them questions like, ‘what number comes after 1?’ This is the equivalent of doing math problems. However, it is better as it helps the student to connect the ideas in a better way.

Playing Board Games 

The best part about this technique is the combination of a mathematical learning experience and a fun aspect of gaming. If the board has numbers inscribed on to it, the child will relate a counting experience similar to the number games listed on the board. Besides, the child will find the games fun to play. So the monotony and ‘boredom’ of learning is withdrawn using this technique. 

Learning Number Facts

This technique utilizes the child’s memory and cognitive capacity to recall things. As adults, we normally do not have to sit down and crack simple math codes. This is because we know the facts surrounding simple math principles. They were installed into our subconscious mind by way of repetition, either through singing or reciting. 

In the same way, this technique implies telling stories or singing songs to help your child or student recall math facts. You can do this by incorporating other games to make the whole experience enjoyable and fun. Children tend to learn better when the activity is fun with very few spells of dullness.