Nike ZOOM Kobe Venomenon 4 REVIEW: A Good Streetball Option


Weight: 366 g. / 12.9 oz
Type: Low Top
Tech: ZOOM AIR, Flywire
Fit: True to Size
Available Colors: 6+
My Rating: 8/10


Let’s roll back a few years and check something out from Kobe’s secondary signature line that’s supposed to be made for outdoor play. Here’s my detailed Nike ZOOM Kobe Venomenon 4 review.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Nike ZOOM Kobe Venomenon 4 review!


ZOOM AIR – we got a very basic setup with ZOOM in the forefoot area and standard foam throughout the rest of the midsole. Just like most cheaper outdoor models, definitely nothing speicial, but more on cushion later.

Flywire – we got the cable system for lockdown and containment in its earliest stages. Still though, works just as good as some new releases now.



You can’t expect revolutionary comfort from a $120 Fuse model but it does get the job done in providing a proper one-to-one fit with no deadspace, slipping/sliding issues or any other dealbreakers.

It’s just not that flexible or free to play in but it’s a bit of a sacrifice that needs to be made for a straight-up outdoor shoe.


Nothing special, but nothing terrible. The forefoot ZOOM is actually quite nice and something I expected even worse from. You get a pretty fair balance between response, bounce and court feel.

The whole foam midsole isn’t awesome of course but the heel area has some minimal impact protection and step transitions feel pretty solid. It’s a decent setup that won’t kill your legs if you’re a guard/lighter forward.


The traction pattern and the XDR rubber compound itself are made for outdoor play and the shoe definitely performs grips the floor well outdoors. I didn’t need to wipe that often they will last you a long time.

Indoors, I’d say they’re also pretty good but this is one of those times when a shoe grips the floor better and more efficiently outdoors than indoors. 


The shoe has a sturdy upper, Flywire cables, an outrigger, a midfoot shank and a TPU heel counter to offer proper support for any type of player out there.

While it doesn’t really do that since the shoe is extremely low, it does provide a solid tight fit with support for those who don’t have ankle problems and like wearing lows. I wouldn’t recommend these to athletic players who put a lot of torque on their knees and ankles.


The upper is just basic synthetic Fuse. It is durable, pretty breathable and gives you that tight, sturdy fit.

It does lack ventilation though, it’s not that flexible and will require a break-in period.


So the Venomenon 4 isn’t a spectacular shoe but it’s solid in terms of providing those crucial performance aspects for outdoor players. Still though, I’d suggest you check out the newer Venomenon V at the same price.

Fairly comfortable, basic cushion, great traction, support for low wearers and a very basic upper.

Pick these up if you’re in need of a simple outdoor shoe. Or, you can check out the Venomenon V and see if it improved in the review.


+ Grippy & durable traction outdoors
+ All-around durable


 Cushion is primitive with minimal bounce/impact protection
 The upper is stiff to start with, not that flexible

Okay, that’s it for the review! I hope you found it useful!