Should I Pursue CrossFit Training?

Now, of all times, those wanting to stay healthy and fit are challenged in finding ways to pursue it. With this quarantine still being in effect across the world, a lot of us are stuck at home, and we’re not nearly as active as we should be. Some gyms are still open, but they require wearing a mask, and during exercise is probably the last situation where you want something like that of securing your breathing.

Let’s be honest, too, gyms suck anyway. They really do, they all smell like sweat, yet contend with other people, they cost a lot of money, there are better ways to get a workout unless you need very specialized equipment for a very unique purpose. This is why something like Perth CrossFit training may be right up your alley.

Today, we’ll talk a little bit about CrossFit, and how it can help you stay in shape without having to bend over backwards for this obnoxious quarantine. Before I do that though, let me point out that this quarantine is indeed necessary. It’s obnoxious, even for someone like me who barely went out before the shutdown, but it is extremely necessary nonetheless. We’ll also talk a little bit about fitness activewear, though I will point out here and now that I am the polar opposite of an expert on anything to do with clothing, being the type who wears shorts, plain T-shirts and flip-flops pretty much all of the time. Yes, that includes during exercise!

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a multi-faceted exercise program involving aerobic exercise, lifting, stretching and endurance. There are a whole lot of different approaches, and a lot of different exercises that can be integrated into CrossFit, making it an interesting regime that can be tailored to a specific person depending on their body, type of fitness improvement they need, and their personal preferences.

Aside from perhaps the use of lifting weights, CrossFit can be pursued without the need for equipment or facilities, meaning that you don’t need to visit the gym, and you don’t necessarily need a trainer to be there in person, simply someone who can provide you with proper instruction. Videos can be used for this, so something like YouTube is actually pretty darn useful for that right now.

Is it safe during the pandemic?

Perth CrossFit training is actually one of the safer things to pursue during this pandemic, because you don’t have to visit the gym, and you don’t have to have trainers right there in person. As said above, you can use videos are simple written instruction, and simply check in with a fitness expert remotely, and that’s where something like a biometric smart watch can come in handy as well.

What should I wear?

As I said, don’t use my exercise wardrobe as an example, fitness activewear will be your best option, as things like shorts can actually cause some unpleasant chafing in certain places, a problem with which I contend often. I am just simply not comfortable in typical paste that, as I abhor tight clothing, and despite my exercise efforts, I certainly haven’t the body to be wearing tight-fitting things.

Generally, sports tops, yoga pants or yoga shorts, word traditional gym clothes are perfectly fine for this, but if you want something tailored specifically for CrossFit, you can find varieties of this online, form-hugging things, along with over-wear accessories if you want to, you know, not broadcast your body while you are exercising. You shouldn’t use me as an example, and you should be ashamed of your body nor worry about the fact that some people may see details of it, but it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t want people gawking. Give people a break, though, if you decide to wear form-fitting clothing, because while it would be rude of them to continue to stare, instinct will demand the people look for a second. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being crude.