Tips for Selecting Performance Basketball Socks

There are currently dozens of different brands that cater to the needs of millions of professional and amateur basketball players in various countries, and these brands sell different pieces of basketball gear or equipment, like shoes, compression sleeves, headbands, slides, and more. In order for basketball shoes to fit securely and comfortably on your feet, you would need to wear a pair of performance basketball socks.

Performance basketball socks look like ordinary socks from afar, but what makes them different is their cushioning, as it has extra thick padding at the bottom of your feet that are effective in providing impact protection. Today, there are hundreds of different basketball socks on the market, and for you to know which ones are suitable for your feet, here are a few tips for selecting performance basketball socks.

Select the Right Height or Length

different lengths of socks


Basketball socks come in different heights or lengths, so you may need to choose which one is the most comfortable for you. There are high-cut socks, also called crew socks, that end at the middle of your lower legs, which are a few centimeters below your knees, while there are also ankle socks that end above the ankles.

But, one of the most popular heights for basketball socks among amateur players is the low socks, also known as the “no-show socks.” The reason why these socks have the “no-show” name is that you can’t actually see them worn by players while they have shoes on, as the end of the socks is directly underneath the end or collar of low-top basketball shoes.

One of the benefits of no-show socks is their breathability since they don’t cover a lot of areas on your legs, unlike ankle socks and high-cut socks. In addition, no-show socks don’t restrict your movements on the court, so you can shift your legs in different directions without feeling like your socks are pulling you back. However, the freedom of movement you get from no-show socks can also be a disadvantage, as it will make you more susceptible to leg-related injuries. So, if you want extra support and protection, you may want to go for high-cut socks or ankle socks.

Check the Materials of the Socks

In addition to the height, you may also have to check the materials used for the socks. Here are a few of the most common materials for performance basketball socks.

  • Cotton – this is arguably the most common material for socks. And while all performance basketball socks have cotton, they aren’t made from 100% cotton, as they would often have other materials added to them. The reason why is that cotton can’t provide the best support, protection, and cushioning for basketball players on its own.
  • Nylon – this material is primarily utilized to increase the durability of performance socks, as it is much longer-lasting compared to cotton. Besides adding durability, nylon is also effective in wicking moisture away to reduce the sweat build-up inside the socks while you’re wearing them. 
  • Acrylic – this material is a synthetic fiber like nylon that helps in wicking moisture that builds up inside the socks. However, what’s different in acrylic is that it is much tougher and more rigid compared to nylon and cotton. So, because it is more rigid, it can provide better support for your ankles so that it doesn’t overextend whenever you are moving on the court.

Most performance basketball socks today have a mix of cotton, nylon, and acrylic, although there are some that only have cotton and nylon as materials. Choose the pair of basketball socks that will provide the best comfort while still offering support and protection for your feet.

See If the Socks Have Extra Features

The next thing you should check in performance basketball socks is their extra features, which would usually help increase their comfort or support. There are certain basketball socks that have areas that hug your foot tighter so that the socks will stay in place, while there are also performance socks that have extra padding on the heel for better heel support while also locking your heel in place to avoid injuries.

If you want to have better odor control for your feet, then you may need basketball socks that can wick moisture and dry quickly so that the odor-causing bacteria won’t stay on your socks and feet. When there are extra features on basketball socks, you should get the correct size so that those features will work more effectively.

Check Out Reviews to Get More Details

Socks types Realistic blank different pairs of stocking

In order to get more details about performance basketball socks and to also know which ones are considered the best by basketball players, you should check out reviews, which are available online through blogs, review websites, forums, and video streaming platforms. These reviews would usually provide you with every piece of information you need about different basketball socks, like the various details found on the exterior or surface of the socks and their unique features.

Moreover, you will also learn more about the pros and cons of each pair of performance socks, and these pieces of info will help you make better decisions on what to buy. Reviews can also help in saving time, as reading or watching reviews can only take a few minutes, while inspecting or checking basketball socks pair by pair can take a long time.

Those are all the things you need to know when buying performance basketball socks. Choose wisely, as there will be basketball socks that are considerably better than the others, so follow the tips we offered above so that you will have a much easier time finding the best socks for basketball or even for other sports.

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