Top 6 Footballers With The Highest Aggregate Transfer Fee In The World

Nowadays, when inflation is at a high rate, footballers’ transfer value increases accordingly but even faster. You might laugh at the ridiculous £100-million contract in the past, but now you must think again. There have been more and more expensive transfers in the world that may shock everyone with even £200 million value.

We are talking about the superstars who have proved themselves in the football world and even young talent with big potentiality. Below are the top 6 footballers with the highest aggregate transfer fee in the world, and guess what, we all know these familiar faces.

Also, remember this is the aggregate value of the players, which includes total contracts in their transfer history.

1. Ousmane Dembele: €160 million

You might not know this name at that time in 2017, but “the giant Catalans” Barcelona shocked the world with their highest transfer record for a teenager. Nearly €160 million was a bit too much for a young talented, but Barca had to fill up the space left by superstar Neymar after his departure to PSG.

Dembele – an expensive contract of Barcelona/

The French youngster only had a good season in German club – Borussia Dortmund that he got attention from the Spanish giant. His professional career came to a new chapter in La Liga when he helped bring the Copa del Rey Cup to Nou Camp. He also won the La Liga title in the first season with Barca and achieved the Supercopa de España Cup the next year.

Things didn’t go well with Dembele as he got a severe injury in the early season 2017-2018, which forced him to leave the stadium for four months. However, he had an impressive comeback and has now become a significant part of Barcelona alongside Messi, Luis Suarez, etc.

2.  Angel di Maria: €169.2 million

The Argentine superstar has had many titles in Portugal, Spain, and France but never got a beautiful memory in England.

This “Angel” winger played a wonderful kind of football together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema in Real Madrid and helped bring many titles to the Royal football club. Di Maria was an essential part of Real Madrid and joined in crucial matches, including El Clasico.

However, Di Maria surprisingly transferred to Manchester United in 2014 after fruitful seasons with Real Madrid. This transfer cost £59.7 million for the British club, but all it brought was a disappointment. The “Angel” winger failed to adapt to the harsh environment in Premier League and moved right in the next season.

3.  Philippe Coutinho: €174 million

The Brazilian forward played a crucial role in Liverpool before deciding to serve the Spanish giant Barcelona. This transfer gave the Red Merseyside a vast amount of money to rebuild the team though they lost a key player.

Coutinho was recorded as the most expensive contract in Barcelona’s history. He quickly got well with the new team in La Liga and achieved titles in the first season. He won the La Liga titles season 2017-2018 and 2019-2019, Copa Del Rey Cup season 2017-2018. Nevertheless, he soon felt unhappy and unwanted in the club that he decided to leave for Bayern Munich as a loan contract.

4.  Kylian Mbappe: €180 million

Undoubtedly, the World Cup Champion Mbappe is the best young talented player in the world. Found in AS Monaco, when helping his former club win the Ligue 1 title and advance to the Champions League 2017 semi-finals, Mbappe gradually became a young superstar.

The French hero moved to Paris Saint-Germain with the highest transfer fee for a teenager in the world. He quickly made an impact on the success of PSG when bringing two Ligue 1 titles for the club. He has also proved his importance despite playing alongside other stars such as Neymar, Cavani, and Di Maria.

With the explosive performances in the World Cup 2018 campaign, Mbappe has achieved many personal awards. He won FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award, French Player of the Year 2018, attended in IFFHS Men’s World Team and FIFA World Cup Dream Team.

5.  Cristiano Ronaldo: €221 million

One of the most shocking transfers in football history was Portuguese superstar Ronaldo moving to Juventus. When everyone thought he would end up his career in Real Madrid, where he had had numerous titles and trophies, he made a surprising decision.

The Portuguese superstar currently plays for Juventus/

The superstar has cost too much money for each transfer: €94 million of Manchester United to Real Madrid transfer, €100 million of Real Madrid to Juventus transfer. It seems like he had achieved all the precious titles in Real Madrid, which included both personal and team awards.

CR7 has won Four Ballon d’Or awards, four Champions Leagues, two La Liga titles, and other trophies. He also broke many records in Real Madrid and became the top scorer for the Royal football club. Though he’s now 34 years old, he hasn’t shown any signs of stop or decline. He’s practicing every day and performs the best he could.

6. Neymar: €308.2 million

Neymar’s transfer is the most costly and expensive of all time. PSG also made a shocking decision to the whole world when activating the release clause of his contract, which values €222 million. Neymar, then, became the most expensive player in the world. What about his performance at Paris Saint-Germain?

Neymar in PSG shirt/

In the very first season with PSG, Neymar quickly showed his impact and helped his club win the treble: Ligue 1 title, Coupe de France Cup, and Coupe de la Ligue. He’s with Mbappe and Cavani to become the deadly trident and bring nightmares to other defenders.

However, things haven’t got well recently with the Brazilian superstar as he got a severe injury, outside controversy, and even intended to come back to Barcelona. He’s been through an unhappy time with PSG but still a vital player of the team.

Final words

Above are the top 6 footballers with the highest aggregate transfer fee in the world. As you can see, some young players cost a lot of money because of their potentiality. You may disagree with the transfer fee and think players are overrated, but let the time give you the answer. So who do you like most?  And when your tired of the game and watching try something fun like หวย as a great option.