Under Armour Curry One REVIEW: Full Specs, Tech and Performance

So I guess we have all four main Curry’s models now. I already covered two of them, the Two and One Low, so check them out if you’re interested. Now, here’s my Under Armour Curry One review. We will be taking a look at the shoe’s appearance, technologies, performance and decide if it’s worth buying.

Alright, Under Armour Curry One review is rolling now!

NOTE: The Mid-Top version of the Curry 1 is mostly out of stock at stores. Amazon has some, but for A LOT. If you’re looking to buy from your favorite shoe retailer, look into the Curry One Low.


Shoes: Under Armour Curry One |  BEST FOR: Any guards, shooters

Weight: 370.2 g. / 13.06 oz

Type: Mid Top Sneaker

Technologies: MicroG, Charged, AnaFoam

Fit: True to Size

My Rating: 9/10


  •  AnaFoam upper

  • Full-length external plastic heel counter

  • Multi-directional herringbone traction pattern

  • Available in 3+ colors


Very similar to the Curry Two and very cool, in my opinion. It’s pretty much the same as the low version, just higher.

Since the first model wans’t too popular, we only got about 3-5 colors. Pretty much all the colors are the same as the Curry Two’s.

Let’s quickly compare the Curry One and Two:

So yeah, very VERY similar. If you weren’t sure about how the Curry One looked compared to the Two, there you go – nothing to worry about.


Let’s talk a bit about the stuff Under Armour used in the shoe.

MicroG is the shoe’s cushioning setup (full-length midsole) and then there’s Charged on top of it. So basically it’s a double cushion setup – a layer on top of a layer.

MircoG is very soft and bouncy, whereas Chared is more firm and responsive. This makes the shoe extremely well balanced between impact protection and court feel.

AnaFoam is the main upper material of the Curry One. It’s a basically a special type of foam layer and seen as these “dots” all over the shoe. A very interesting, and performance-friendly, setup.

Now you have an idea what the shoe offers, let’s talk about the actual on-court performance.


The first thing to talk about is definitely fit/comfort. You have to feel good when stepping in the shoe. If it’s not comfortable – performance doesn’t even matter. And I can assure you the Curry One is really great with this. It has those super soft paddings around the achilles area. Then the upper is made with a focus in flexibility and AnaFoam really feels good here.

They fit true to size.

So as I said the cushion setup of the shoe is kind of a combo of two. It works really really well here. I could probably tell that even better and more balanced than on the Curry Two. MicroG does an awesome job with impact protection and the feel of bounciness on every step.

However, add Charged on top and everything feels a bit more firm and responsive. It turns out to be an awesome package that’s great for ANY type of guard. Even a bigger/heavier one. Really awesome stuff, no complaints here.

Traction is excatly like the Curry One Low – solid. Both indoors and outdoors. A classic “herringbone” traction pattern is featured here and it doesn’t disappoint. It probably wouldn’t last too much outdoors and frequent wiping from dust will be essential. But other than that, traction is fine, which means it doesn’t disturb in any bad way.

Support is an interesting case here. AnaFoam is not really a super sturdy/supportive material. The shoe is made with minimal restrictions in mind, that’s why people who tend to suffer from ankle sprains should be careful. Midfoot support is great, but he upper is pretty flexible. If you like that type of setup – then it’s awesome. If not, you might want to look for something more supportive.

Lastly, durability. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure if this setup is very durable since it’s pretty unique. I would say this – definitely more durable than your standard soft uppers (knit, woven…), but weaker than hard materials (Fuse, leather…). It’s definitely a pretty reliable shoe though, and not even from the upper side.


The Under Armour Curry One is honestly a great basketball shoe. Seriously, I got zero complaints with them. Any type of guard, or maybe even a forward, would like these.

A well-balanced cushion setup, solid traction both indoors and outdoors, flexible and pretty durable upper. At the cost of $120 (more at some stores now), this shoe is DEFINITELY worth buying.


  • Sick cushioning combo made for everyone

  • Reliable traction

  • Very comfortable


  • Pretty weak ankle support

Once again, the Low version is almost identical, so check them out if you’re more into low’s.

Awesome, hope you found this review useful!