What are the Benefits of Top Slide Flip Flops?

Top slide flip-flops, also known simply as “slides,” are a type of footwear that is very popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts in today’s era. The reason for the popularity of slides is because of how well they can provide comfort and convenience, especially for people that have sore feet from wearing sports shoes for hours.

Slides, as their name already suggests, are flip-flops where your feet can just easily slide underneath the top strap or band in order for you to properly wear them. So, how do flip-flops provide comfort and convenience? We will find out more as we take a look at the benefits of top slide flip-flops.

1. You Can Wear Them Easily

slides on a wooden floor

As mentioned earlier, slide flip-flops are very easy to wear, as you can slide your feet under the strap or band at the top of the slides, and you will already be able to walk on them. Slides are a very convenient type of footwear for athletes to wear after a game, as they don’t need to remove their socks and ankle bracings anymore just to wear the slides. So, once the game ends, the athletes can remove the sports shoes that they wear and put on slides with ease. 

What’s also nice about slides is that their strap or band isn’t really restricting your feet’s movements, so your feet will still remain flexible even if you are wearing something underneath it. If you need something that you can wear after a game or a workout, the slides are arguably the best that you should have in your gear.

2. Can Provide Comfort to Sore Feet

Sore feet are fairly common among athletes and gym buffs, so it is important for them to have a pair of slides or flip-flops that they can easily wear if they want to ease the pain on their feet. The midsole of slides is usually much softer compared to the midsoles in sports shows, so walking on slides would feel like walking on clouds most of the time. However, despite how soft the slides are, the outsole of most slides is very durable, so they can last for months or even years, depending on how much you use them. 

Slides are arguably the best “post-game” footwear, which is why you will see many athletes wearing them after the game and during post-game interviews. Of course, sore feet can only be alleviated once you actually rest your feet, but in times when you have to go from one place to another after a game or workout, the slides are the best for your feet because of how comfortable they are.

3. Slides are Very Breathable

Because slides are flip-flops that don’t have anything on their upper besides their strap or band that keeps your foot in place, they are arguably some of the most breathable types of footwear on the market. Sports shoes can be very restricting when it comes to breathability, and after you take them off, you will immediately feel how warm your feet are. The warmness of your feet is one of the factors as to why they are sore, so to alleviate one of the symptoms of sore feet, you should have a pair of slides that can offer better breathability.

Because the slides are open at the top, your feet can easily recover to normal temperature since they are exposed to the air outdoors. In addition, even if your feet are still covered with socks, the slides would still be breathable since they wouldn’t create discomfort on any part of the socks you are wearing. If you don’t like plastic or rubber straps or bands because of how uncomfortable or itchy they feel on your feet, there are some slides that have nylon or textile straps that are arguably more comfortable and breathable for the part of your foot that is just above the toes.

4. They are Lightweight

Another great thing about slides is how lightweight they are. The lightness of slides is beneficial not only for your feet but also for your bag or luggage, as they are so light that they won’t add extra weight to the set of items that you bring during games or workouts. Your feet will appreciate the lightness of your slides, as they will feel much freer compared to wearing sports shoes, which can sometimes be very heavy and can worsen foot pains or sores.

Then, when you have the slides in your backpack or duffel bag, you won’t even feel like they are there because of how light they are. So, slides won’t put more weight on your shoulders when you are carrying your bag, especially if you are already bringing heavy items like dumbbells, laptops, or tablets. There are even some slides that are so soft and flexible that you can fold or roll them so that they won’t consume too much space in your bag.

5. They are Very Affordable

affordable slides

Compared to most types of footwear, slides are very affordable. Because of how affordable they are, you can easily buy a pair of slides right now, although there are certain slides that have better features at a slightly higher price point. There are some affordable slides that are very comfortable, but there are also pricey slides that offer better comfort. 

It is entirely up to you what slides are suitable for your feet, but we highly recommend that you already get a pair that is packed with plenty of features at a relatively affordable price, as these slides would provide you with the best comfort for your feet. Don’t settle with slides that are made with affordable but less durable materials, as you will eventually have to buy a pair again. Buy slides that can last for weeks and months so that your purchase will be more worth it.

If you don’t have a pair of slides yet, now may be the best time to own and wear one, as you have already seen a few of their best benefits. Check out some of the best slides online by reading or watching reviews, and then buy the pair that is the most suitable for your feet.