What Are The Major Soccer Cleat Companies

Soccer shoes, also known as soccer cleats, are one of the important gears of a player. They play a huge role in improving or ruining their performances. This is the reason; soccer athletes are particular about their choice of footwear, and they prefer to stick to a specific brand that is providing them all the features they need on the ground.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of brands producing innovative soccer cleats all around the World, but not every good-looking pair is worth it. Fortunately, top names, like Nike, Adidas and Puma, etc. are manufacturing some great model that are not just attractive in appearance by amazing in quality as well. However, not everyone can afford them.

In this post, we are going to suggest you some famous and some underrated brands for manufacturing cleats to guide you in your buying decision. You will find something in every price range. So, keep reading till the end.

What Are Soccer Cleats?

Don’t let the shopkeeper fool you by selling you something else in the name of soccer cleats. Read below to know about this specific type of footwear.

  • They are generally made of leather or leather-like material.
  • Studs are present at the bottom sole of the shoes to help players with the traction on several playing surfaces, like long grass, synthetic turf, short grass, etc.
  • Their shape is quite similar to the tennis or baseball cleats with some differences that are shown in the chart below.
Type of Cleats Materials  Shape Weight Studs  Type of studs Functionality  Ankle support 
Soccer cleats Made of rubber Blunt and round Lightweight with thin midsole Round with different lengths. Thick, made of either rubber or plastic. Ensure protection With ankle support
Baseball cleats Metal is used in the making. Pointy and long Heavier with thick midsole Spike shape with same length Sharp, metal spikes Provide stability No ankle support

Top Brands For Producing Soccer Cleats

You might be wondering, why can’t you just go the shop and pick a random soccer shoe from the market? What are the reasons to invest in a reputed brand? Well, there are many benefits of it:

  • Well-known brands don’t compromise on quality because they can’t afford defamation.
  • It saves your decision-making time by searching for a desired pair in the catalog of a particular brand.
  • They offer highly durable products in comparison with the local vendors.
  • They are usually higher in prices because top-quality material is used, but a pair would last you longer.
  • The product come with warranty or the brand has the policy to fix or replace defected articles to retain customers.

Now that you are convinced; here are a few popular names behind producing quality soccer cleats.

1. Adidas


The name doesn’t need any introduction. It is well-known for manufacturing footwear, especially sports shoes. In 1924, Adidas started its journey in Germany, and it is seen in every part of the world now. The brand has been able to cater to a large part of the market because of meeting the professionals standards.

Apart from regular footwear and accessories; Adidas deals with a wide variety of high-quality soccer cleats. Certainly, it is one of the best options you may find in the marketplace because of the comfortable design and appealing body.

2. Nike

Any list of shoe brands is incomplete without Nike, and same applies to the listing of best brands for soccer cleats.

Phil Knight built a company from scratch in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and reached from the bottom to the top in a matter of few years by producing great quality shoes. They provide suitable footwear for both, indoor and outdoor soccer.

You may see many superstars and popular athletes in their advertising campaigns, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan. The slogan of Nike ‘Just Do It’ helped the brand raise in fame. Besides, high level of technological advancement is seen in Nike’s soccer cleats, making it a first choice for all, from men to women and beginners to expert-level players.

3. Under Armour

Another leading brand from the US made it here. Under Armour is reputed for manufacturing quality sportswear not just in America, but the business is spread throughout the world. Although the brand is relatively new in comparison with the other two already mentioned names; however, it has covered up with that by producing one of the best soccer cleats in the industry.

Established in 1996; Under Armour also have an indoor soccer cleat range with a much cheaper price than Nike and Adidas. Their slogan is ‘I Will’.

4. Puma

Puma is a big name in the footwear industry for a long time. They have produced several sports shoes for players of all ages and expertise level. Their soccer cleats range is remarkable as well in terms of quality and performance.

The price range of Puma soccer cleats is on a higher side, but you wouldn’t regret buying from the brand. Guaranteed!

5. Vizari

You might not have commonly seen this name like the others present on the list, but this brand won’t offer you anything less than them. Visari was founded in California in 1988 and displayed a huge variety of sports products, including shiny, sports equipment and soccer cleats for indoor and outdoor matches. The best part is; they featured latest technology in their footwear that too in a reasonable price.

6. Diadora

The Italian sports brand, Diadora, was started in 1948 and it is growing since then. This brand initiated their venture with only climbing boots and today their catalog is as vast as you can think of. You can find footwear of almost all leading sports under the brand title, including tennis, cycling, rugby, running, soccer and several other athletic sports.

They have something for everyone, ranging from high price tags to the inexpensive ones.

7. Wilson

Another underrated company which is not too popular, but a familiar one to many brand-conscious customers. Established in 1913, Wilson is an American-based brand that was created by Ashland Manufacturing Company. They are popular for their highly advanced and superior quality shoes that are not less than Nike or Adidas in any way. Wilson’s soccer shoes design are highly innovative and can capture audience attention in the first look.

8. Dream Pairs

Started in 2013, Top Glory Trading Group is the founder of Dream Paris who is able to produce three sub-brands, named as BRUNO MARC, TOETOS and arctiv8. Their specialty is manufacturing optimum quality footwear in an affordable price. So, in case you have a low budget, but don’t want to compromise on your performance on the field, then it is highly suggested to invest in Dream Paris soccer cleats.

There are high chances of this brand to reach to the top, if they continue to offer their best services.

9. Lotto

Here is one Italian sports company which was created in 1973, and successfully made it to the list of top 10 brands of soccer cleats. Their products are sold in around 110 countries today, which is a pretty good milestone for such a least-known brand.

10. Mitre

Mitre hold a special place in the history of sports gear manufacturers because it is the oldest name in the industry. As old as 1817, the brand was established by Benjamin Crook in Huddersfield, England. Today, it is well-known for making products for soccer and rugby.

Mitre has a wide collection of soccer cleats as well, and their main staple is Mitre Rafale. This particular footwear comes equipped with a soft leather upper. It is specially designed to enhance player’s speed, accuracy and overall performance.

11. Concord

This brand has hit the US marketplace quite recently. You can get your hands on Concord pretty easily because of its easy accessibility and affordable price range. However, its ‘comparatively lower price’ doesn’t make their soccer cleats any lesser. Moreover, its latest Concord Techno Range is certainly a head turner. The hype seems real.

12. Manriquez

The Mexican brand Manriquez is in the business for almost 40 years. They are available in several countries and admired by their users for its good looks and comfort feel.

13. Cruyff Sports

Named after one of the best players in the game, Cruyff Sports delivers what it promises. Its shoes are equipped with soft Italian leather with minimal boot craft to offer a decent look to the modern-day soccer athletes.

Unfortunately, you may not find this brand in the US yet, but the arrival is anticipated in the near future.

14. FILA

You might have seen this brand name on clothing and accessories, but do you know it also deals with high-quality soccer cleats? If you didn’t know this, then you are surely missing out a lot. FILA is around a 100 year old Italian company and a well-reputed brand of the recent times.

15. Pantofola d’Oro

Pantofola d’Oro

If you are searching for some old-school style of soccer cleats, then look no further as Pantofola d’Oro is the brand for you. However, they also include modern designs for those who are interested in the category. Hence, it offers a variety to choose from.

16. Hummel

Hummel have been making soccer cleats since 1923. In fact, this Danish brand was famous for manufacturing some of the first few pairs ever made in the history. Their current releases feature old school look shoes under the title Hummel Old School. However, none of the pair can be found in the US currently.

17. Topper

Are you based in South America or Argentina specifically? If yes, then Topper is one of the best options you can find when it comes to soccer shoes. Although the range is great in quality and looks, but if you ask for a particular pair, then it would be Topper Velocity. The footwear has a speed boot design to ensure maximum speed of the player, and the comfortable is notable as well.

18. Tiebao

The last on the list is a really interesting company. Tiebao is basically a Chinese brand that was started with making shoes for other companies. However, things got exciting when they decided to create their own line of footwear and compete in the market.

The only issue with Tiebao is that; they deal in bulk or wholesale. So, you won’t be able to find a single pair from this brand.


Only a football or soccer lover can express the importance of soccer cleats in his/her performance and career. Mostly players prefer to invest in a popular brand to ensure optimum quality. However, soccer cleats from an expensive brand may cost you much. In fact, it can be almost five to ten times higher than the local market. This post is created to end your worry by suggesting some great labels for producing high-quality football cleats in different price ranges. Now it is your responsibility to choose from any of the given names, go through their website, choose soccer cleats category and click on your desired pair to know the details before making a final decision.