What Is the Most Popular Sport in America: Top 3

Sport is a power in the United States of America. Sports, both amateur and professional, play a huge role in American society. American athletes traditionally lead in many types of world championships and rank first among all national teams in the number of medals won at the Olympic Games (more than two and a half thousand).

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The main base of amateur sports in the United States is educational institutions – schools and colleges. Many schoolchildren, especially senior pupils, are involved in one or another sport. High results and prizes in competitions often provide graduates with a scholarship to pay for education at a university.

The most common team sports in the United States are basketball, baseball, “European” football (which in America is called “soccer”), volleyball, American football (which the people of the United States themselves call “football”), ice hockey, softball, field hockey, water polo, and others. Among the individual types, athletics, boxing, swimming, tennis, golf, wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, rowing, etc., have the most “fans.” You can read a guide and top sport news on combatsportevents.com.

In the United States, several “original” sports are also popular, which are relatively rare in other countries, including lacrosse (a team game invented by the American Indians, played with a small ball and “racket clubs”), bowling, Frisbee (a team game with flying disc), rodeo, several types of motorsport (ring car races NASCAR, drag racing) and some others.

Professional Sports in the USA

The “Big Four” of professional sports in the United States are American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Interested in playing hockey? for the best hockey stick, read Honest Hockey. And get access to reviews on top hockey sticks. These types attract the most attention of fans and, accordingly, bring the highest income.

Each of the types of the “big four” has its league (respectively NFL, National Football League; MLB, Major League Baseball; NBA, National Basketball Association; NHL, National Hockey League), the best players of which are quite comparable in popularity (and in terms of income) with film actors and leaders of music charts.

American football (football in America) is the most popular sport of fans in the USA (it is called their favorite sport by about 40 percent of viewers of one of the largest US sports TV channels, ESPN). The majority of school and college students play football among athletes.

Eleven players on each team are on the field at the same time. Nevertheless, in American football the specialization of the participant is very prominent, meaning the players change from attack to defense everywhere (and vice versa). And kick-off experts will take a hit to the pitch. While it is commonly believed that in American football brute force is deciding all things, in fact not. This sport is really fun and exciting with many game strategies.

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