Why Do People Watch Others Play Video Games?

Do you ever find yourself tuning into a streamer on Twitch or YouTube just to watch them play video games? Do you sometimes sit there and feel like you’re wasting your time?

Well, if so, then this article is for you. Read on to learn more about why people tune in to other players, and how they can use it as an opportunity to learn something new.

Below are several reasons why people watch gaming streamers.

The Host’s Personality

Watching video games is more entertaining when the streamer’s personality comes through. The host can do a lot to make gameplay interesting by doing odd things, trolling other players, or making funny comments. It almost feels like watching reality TV but with video games instead of people in their homes.

The personality of a host matter because it’s what separates them from thousands of other streamers. PewDiePie is a good example— with over 100 million subscribers on his channel that has also been viewed more than 27 billion times. He is the most famous video game streamer of all time.

Knowledge and Learning New Skills

In today’s digital age, it can be difficult to find a new skill. We often turn to online tutorials and books to learn something new.

However, watching someone else do the task at hand is one of the best ways to learn. For gamers, streamers are some of the most useful teachers out there.

They show off their skills while playing video games on Twitch or YouTube Gaming, and can even offer insight into how they play by answering questions from chat room viewers.

Twitch streamers often teach you new skills and can be a good way to learn about the game. One popular Twitch streamer, Imaqtpie, does this very well by broadcasting himself playing on his channel. He’s also an excellent player, and it makes it satisfying to watch him play too!

Sampling the Games Before Purchase

It’s a fact that many people have been burned by buying games they thought would be good but ended up being terrible. These days you can watch YouTube videos of gameplay or Twitch streams to get an idea of what the game is like before making your purchase.

With these services, you can now see if a game has great graphics and sound design or not, without having to buy it first. This saves you from buying a potentially bad game in hopes that it will become better later.

Since certain game trailers make the game seem better than it actually is, watching video streamers clear up any nonsense that the game’s marketing team creates.

Connecting With the Community

Connecting with a community can be difficult. You might feel like you’re alone in the world, or that nobody understands what you’re going through. But when people watch Twitch and Mixer streams, they see comments from viewers all over the world.

These gamers have communities of viewers who chat about the game or just say hello while watching them play. If you’re an avid gamer, this is your chance to connect with people who share your passion for gaming!

Video game streaming has become an essential part of the gaming community. With Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Gaming as platforms for video game streamers to share their content with viewers, they are able to build a fan base that supports them even after they leave one platform for another.

Ninja (Fortnite streamer) is one such example of this phenomenon. Ninja started his career on Twitch before moving to Mixer. He moved back to Twitch and still maintains a giant fanbase with tens of millions of viewers.

The Relaxation Aspect

Video games are built to challenge you. Some days, you might not want to burden yourself with the frustration that comes along with extremely hard levels and missions.

Turning to Twitch or YouTube to watch someone play is a relaxing alternative. Watching your favourite streamer play a game can be an enjoyable experience. While you might not be able to join in on the fun, it’s still relaxing to watch someone else do something that they enjoy.


It can be difficult to find a good game these days. The gaming industry is huge, and there are hundreds of games released every year for all types of gamers. When you’re not sure what game to play next, it might be worth checking out the latest streamers on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

Watching people play video games is not for everyone—it takes patience and time to get into watching someone else play a game instead of playing it yourself. But if you do it with an open mind, then you can expect to reap some decent and valuable entertainment.