Best Soccer Training Equipment

Players on the soccer field

The best training equipment can be essential if you’re looking to improve your soccer game. However, there is a lot of soccer training equipment on the market, and it is vital that you do your research beforehand to avoid being overwhelmed by the many options available to you. Skills to Improve Before … Read more

What Are The Major Soccer Cleat Companies

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Soccer shoes, also known as soccer cleats, are one of the important gears of a player. They play a huge role in improving or ruining their performances. This is the reason; soccer athletes are particular about their choice of footwear, and they prefer to stick to a specific brand that is providing … Read more

Different Types of Soccer Balls: Advantages and Disadvantages

Different Types of Soccer Balls

Having the right soccer ball to play with is extremely important. There are different kinds of balls made to be played on different types of fields. They have different materials and different levels of elasticity to ensure that it is not too hard or soft on a particular surface.  Six different kinds … Read more

History of the Soccer Ball

History of the Soccer Ball

Soccer ball? It doesn’t need an introduction. You can easily identify it out of numerous types of balls because of its distinctive appearance, size and color scheme. The soccer ball we see in the recent times is completely different from what the past players used. Its history is long yet interesting. Soccer … Read more

History of FIFA


What is the first thought to strike your mind while talking about football? Most definitely it is FIFA and the World Cup. Isn’t it? FIFA was established more than a century ago and has been enjoyed as a universal sport phenomenon since then. Despite the crooked reputation; the game has the power … Read more

What Are The Basic Rules of Soccer?

What Are The Basic Rules of Soccer

Soccer or Football, whatever you name it, is one of the oldest sports in the history and also the most loved one. The rules and regulations of soccer are revised and updated every year by the IFAB – International Football Association Board. The committee consists of eight team members, in which four … Read more

Why People Love Watching Sports On TV

Why People Love Watching Sports On TV

The history of televised sport is a long and varied one, dating all the way back to the early days of broadcast television. In the beginning, sports programming was very limited, consisting mostly of live coverage of major events like the Olympics or the World Series. However, as television technology progressed, so … Read more