6 Tips on Planning a Golf Getaway for Beginners

Did you know that the golf travel industry in the United States is worth $20.5 billion?

This is no coincidence as golf trips are becoming extremely popular.

Grabbing a group of friends and hitting the course in a new environment is all the rage.

Read on to learn six tips on planning a golf getaway.

1. Get Your Favorite Golfers Together

The first step to planning a golfing getaway is to, of course, get a group together. Golfing with friends is the best way to go. A group of your favorite golfers can also give you great input about planning the getaway.

It is important to get the right number of people on the trip. Different golf courses will recommend different numbers, but you’ll usually be okay with a number divisible by four. Eight is usually the most common number.

2. Get Organized

After getting your group together, you can get organized by dividing the responsibilities up. Often, you will have disagreements so it is important to talk about ground rules at the beginning.

One of the most important things to consider is finances. You can create a golf vacation budget to organize the money aspect. Be sure everyone is on the same page with the golf vacation budget.

3. Decide on a Destination

There are a lot of great destinations for a golf getaway. You may want to choose a destination that has different golf courses to try out.

The destination should also fit smoothly into your golf vacation budget. The most popular destinations for golfing with friends are Myrtle Beach, Alabama, Scottsdale, Florida, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

Each place has its own perks to offer, so research each one. Make sure everyone is happy with the choice.

4. Choose the Courses

After deciding on a destination, you should choose the courses you want to hit in advance. With many different golf courses to choose from, this part should be easy.

Getting into top golf courses can be difficult because of the high demand. Keep in mind that a lesser-known course can be just as exciting.

5. Find the Best Equipment

Going on an amazing golf getaway would be nothing without the best equipment. This could be your favorite club or the best golf tee out there.

Buying sunday golf bags and considering the golf club length is important too. Keep in mind that you will probably be taking these items on a plane.

6. Book Right Away

After figuring out everything listed above, start booking your trip and courses right away. This is especially important if you are visiting one of the more popular areas for golfing.

Don’t forget to stay within your golf vacation budget, but try to avoid all of the cheapest options. You can usually book your trip with a golf tour agent to get the best value.

Enjoy Your Golf Getaway

The last thing you need to do is enjoy your golf getaway. There’s nothing like an open course you have been looking forward to playing. Grab your closest golf friends and see what other places have to offer!

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