Best Basketball SOCKS: They Matter More Than You Think

Today we’ll talk about something unsual. The best basketball socks to play in. That’s right, they actually matter and to achieve the best possible basketball experience, there has to be a good combination of both shoes and socks. Now, you can choose from a full range of knee high basketball socks and quality basketball socks men that are available in a range of colors, designs, lengths, materials and patterns that look stylish on the basketball court.

I will talk about five pairs from the best to worst. Alright, here are the best basketball socks!

1. Stance

Pretty much all of them. This is the offcial sock of the NBA, so they have to be good. And they really are – packed with features and super comfortable. They are very pricy though.

To start off, they are of course extremely comfortable, pretty thick and pleasant to the feet. The materials absorb moisture and have excellent ventilation. The ankle and toe areas have cushioning, so you’ll get some extra protection. Lastly, the whole bottom is textured which means zero slippage.

This is your #1 sock for any type of basketball player. If you can spend $20 on a pair of socks, then go with these.

2. Nike Elite Dri-Fit

Another top performer, though a bit cheaper. But it’s almost as equally as impressive.

The Elite Dri-Fit socks also have perfect moisture absorbtion and ventilation, thanks to the Dri-Fit technology. They also have cushioning on multiple areas. These have a much tighter fit than the Stance ones though. You can even feel some support from these.

3. Nike Hyper Elite Dri-Fit

A newer addition to the Elite’s with some changes.

They have pretty much the same features except the materials used. The material of these is a bit harsher than on the regular Elite’s. They excellent, but it could feel a bit too harsh for some people. Very good support, cushioning and ventilation.

4. Thorlo

You’ve probably never heard of this brand, but their socks are very good. Once again plenty of features and safety checks to ensure performance.

The Thorlo socks are made out of their special fiber which, like Dri-Fit, absorbs moisture and provides awesome
ventilation. Toe and ankle cushioning, as well as heel padding for impact protection. They don’t have support and the material isn’t as awesome as the ones above, but still great.

5. adidas Team Speed Traxion

A solid choice for anyone with some features, but they have their negatives.

Once again plenty of cushioning, support and padding. Their minuses are their durability, ventilation and materials used. Feet get hot pretty quickly in these, the thin materials used are pretty unreliable. But it’s definitely a solid choice, especially for that cheap.


Alright, hope you found this helpful! I do want to warn you though – don’t overthink about socks too much. They do matter, but by far not as much as shoes do. You will get that extra comfort and performance, but it’s not major.