D Rose 7 Primeknit REVIEW: Worth It Over the Regular?

I finally fully tested both versions of the Rose 7 and that’s what you’re gonna find out in the review – should you stick with the regular mesh version or the Primeknit one. Let’s start the D Rose 7 Primeknit review!

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price.


BOOST – just as on the regular shoe, we got full-length BOOST cushion. Feels very similar, but the one difference is the insole. It’s a bit thicker than the one on the mesh version, so I could feel a tad bit more cushion. Nothing to overthink though.

Primeknit – of course, the shoe’s upper material. I freakin’ loooooove Primeknit on every shoe adidas puts out there, but this is a gold standard, seriously. And you’ll find out why below.



The mesh version was a very comfortable shoe with excellent lockdown & stability. However they had one problem some other Rose’s shoes suffer from: your toes constantly hit the toebox while making a quick move.

The Primeknit version has a bit thicker insole and because of that, I could barely feel that problem here. You’re a little bit higher off the ground and this upper is softer, so in result you get an overall comfortable shoe that beats the regular.


The cushion is obviously great for full-length BOOST. It’s a bit on the firmer side, but it should work for most players. The heel has good impact protection, they’re responsive and the overall ride is definitely well-balanced.

Plus, because of the thicker insole on the Primeknit edition, you feel a tad bit more bounce. Nothing crazy, but still appreciated.


Traction is superb – grips the floor CRAZY good, you almost think it’s too good sometimes. The Primeknit version has a translucent outsole and it does pick up dust quicker.

You’ll have to wipe more often and try to stick with cleaner indoor/outdoor courts. Other than that, traction’s awesome and it’s durable for outdoors.


Support definitely didn’t suffer from the softer Primeknit upper. That’s the beauty of the Rose 7 – it’s extremely supportive, awesome containment, while still providing great mobility and comfort with that Primeknit upper.

Athletic, explosive players will benefit from this setup the most. It’s truly a tank of a shoe to play in. Internal & external heel counters, caged forefoot & heel areas, a torsional TPU plate. 


And of course, the upper. I said that this is the gold standard. That’s because you’re getting PURE Primeknit, but also seemless nylon layers on some spots that you don’t even feel, but they add to the durability of the shoe.

There’s also a synthetic leather layer around the ankle to strengthen the shoe. And on top of that, the upper is breathable, comfortable, pretty durable thanks to those extra layers and requires no break-in time.


So the D Rose 7 Primeknit is one hell of a shoe. I was a huge fan of the 6’s Primeknit edition, but this probably tops it.

Comfortable, great traction, versatile cushion, awesome support and a masterful upper.

I’d recommend this over the mesh version to pretty much every player who is ready to wipe the outsole quite often and be prepared for some slight toe bumps.


+ Very well-balanced and versatile cushioning
+ Killer support for every player
+ The complete experience of Primeknit


 You’ll still slightly bump your toes to the toebox
 The outsole will require frequent wiping, playing on a clean court

Alright, the D Rose 7 Primeknit review is done! I hope you found this useful!