adidas D Rose 7 REVIEW: A Great Well-Rounded Shoe

The D Rose shoe line is something that I’m interested in, I play in Rose’s shoes A LOT. So you can tell how excited I was to find out how this one performs. So for those of you that are interested in buying this brand new signature, here’s an adidas D Rose 7 review!

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the adidas D Rose 7 review!


BOOST – so the shoe has full-length BOOST cushioning. Simply awesome. BOOST is hands-down my favourite cushion for explosive play. It’s actually a bit firmer than on the D Rose 6. Stil, I think it’s awesome.



So let me start off by saying that the shoe is comfortable. But there’s a slight problem that I’ve noticed on other Rose’s shoes too and something that other reviewers also pointed out. Your toes literally bump into the shoe’s front every time you do an aggressive movement.

The fit is fine, they’re comfortable, not too stiff, they definitely don’t feel heavy, they’re stable. But that toe problem is a little annoying and I’ve experienced the excact same problem with the D Rose 773 III. So if you’re okay that your toes will be banged up after a game, than don’t worry.


BOOST is amazing and this shoe is no exception. I’d say these feel very similar to the Crazylight Boost 2016. They’re not a soft/plushy as the D Rose 6, but still extremely comfortable, responsive and just overall fun to play in.

Everything feels stable and well-balanced. I think a lot of different players could rock these. They have plenty of impact protection, bounce, but they don’t feel bulky at all.


Traction is incredibly sticky. Sometimes it feels like the shoe stops for you. Literally no issues like slipping or sliding. I almost didn’t need to wipe, so that’s cool too. One thing I’m disappointed in a bit is the rubber compound.

The Rose 6 is one of my go-to outdoor shoes thanks to their awesome outsole. This time however, it seems like the rubber isn’t as durable. I think you could try playing outdoors in them, but don’t expect superb durability. 


I had zero support problems with the Rose 7. Rose’s shoes all seem to be extremely supportive, for obvious reasons. I love how Rose’s shoes feel in terms of support. I do jump, run and drive a lot myself and the shoe deals with that beautifully.

The cushion is slightly caged for stability in the heel area, there’s an external heel counter, a TPU plate throughout the outsole and the upper itself is sturdy. The ankle collar is very soft though, so you’re getting support without sacrificing comfort.


The upper is mesh with syntehtic leather in some areas for extra durability & support. The ankle collar I talked about is made from neoprene. Overall, I think this is a great setup – good ventilation, comfortable, fairly durable.

Just like most Roses’s sneakers, I did need to break them in for a few days to achieve optimal comfort. One note – the shoe comes in two upper variants. Mesh (this review) and Primeknit, which is $20 more expensive. I’ll do a review on those soon.


So the highly anticipated D Rose 7 didn’t disappoint me. Not at all. I seriously loved how it played on my feet.

They’re comfortable, minus the toe issue, BOOST cushion is awesome as always, traction is killer, support is plenty for everyone and the upper is great too.

I HIGHLY recommend getting these if you’re a more explosive/athletic player, or a bigger/heavier player. And even if you’re not, I still recommend you to try them out since they do feel very versatile.


+ Cushioning is superb to play in
+ Traction is amazing, no wiping needed
+ Extremely supportive for anyone


 The outsole won’t last long outdoors
 Your toes will suffer from playing aggressively

I hope you enjoyed the review and found it useful for your next purchase! Or maybe… you’re interested in getting the Primeknit version of the Rose 7?